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listomatic: ATTACK!

Best movies about killer mutant animals/insects:

  • Food of the Gods
  • Night of the Lepus
  • Squirm
  • Empire of the Ants
  • Parasite in 3-D (with Demi Moore!)
  • Aracnophobia
  • Them!
  • Starship Troopers
  • Tremors
  • The Swarm
  • The Birds
  • Willard (the original)
  • Cujo
  • Mimic

It's Saturday. It's hot and muggy. I've got nothing else for ya.


Pet Sematary?
Little Shop of Horrors? (I was never really sure if Audrey II was supposed to actually be a plant. Never can tell with them aliens.)

Phase 4
The Deadly Mantis

Filmed in georgia well there's your problem! Might as well have filmed in alabama.

The Howling.

Matinee (well, the creature feature within the feature)

Damnation Alley?

Day of the Triffids
20 Million Miles to Earth

"Monsters From Green Hell" -- giant wasps that couldn't get off the ground.

"Giant Crab" -- a giant crab that talks and has ESP.

Both of those were so bad, they were funny. Sorta like "Plan 9".

What, no "Mansquito"?

Gotta add my votes for Phase IV and Mimic

BUG! (1975, based on Thomas Page's 1973 novel The Hephaestus Plague)

bugs that can start fires! Cool!

Pirhana II: The Spawn

(They mated with flying fish, so yes, you had Pirhanas that would leap out of the water and latch on to someone's neck.)

There were some nasty critters in that one!