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listomatic: sporty movies

Best baseball movies:

  • Bad News Bears
  • Bad News Bears in Breaking Training
  • Bang the Drum Slowly (original)
  • The Natural
  • Bingo Long and the Traveling All Stars
  • Field of Dreams
  • Major League
  • The Sandlot
  • Long Gone (does anyone else remember this movie? This is when I discovered the sexiness that is Virginia Madsen)
  • Damn Yankees
  • Fear Strikes Out

And yes, Bull Durham is purposefully left off the list. I loathe that movie with an undescribable passion. And I thought Eight Men Out was boring.

Best Hockey Movies

  • Slapshot (best SPORTS movie ever)
  • Mighty Ducks (first only)
  • Mystery, Alaska
  • Miracle on Ice (the 1981 made for tv movie)

No, not Youngblood. And not that movie where the hockey player becomes a figure skater.

Best Football Movies

  • The Longest Yard (original)
  • North Dallas 40
  • Rudy
  • Lucas
  • Little Giants
  • Brian's Song (original only)
  • Jerry Maguire (Yea, I liked this movie)
  • Paper Lion
  • Jim Thorpe, All American (I watched this by accident one day and found it to be a really excellent movie)
  • Two Minute Warning (not about football, per se, but contains football)
  • Black Sunday (see note above)
  • Last Boy Scout (ditto)
  • All the Right Moves

Note: I didn't see Remember the Titans, and I didn't like Any Given Sunday or The Replacements.

Best Basketball Movies

  • Hoosiers
  • Basketball Diaries
  • The Air Up There
  • Fast Break (dude, it's got GABE KAPLAN!)
  • Teen Wolf
  • Finding Forrester
  • Air Bud (yea, that's right. Air Fucking Bud)
  • One on One (two words: Robby. Benson.)
  • Baseketball. Of course.

Ok, I haven't seen a lot of basketball movies.

Best Soccer movies:

  • The Big Green
  • That one with Stallone and the jail
  • Shaolin Soccer
  • Bend it like Beckham

I'm not going to do a list for arm-wrestling, but if I did, you know what the only movie on that list would be. I don't want to embarass myself by mentioning how much I love that piece of crap.

Ok, that's it. Add your own.


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Pride of the Yankees

Soccer movie: The Boys of Company 'C'

61 - in Baseball Movies category
Miracle - in Hockey Movies category

I've seen Remember the Titans so I would add that.

Cheesy teen movie, but Varsity Blues got me to understand how American football is played. When you're used to Rugby Union and Soccer - thats an achievement.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I too enjoy the delightful juxtaposition of arm-wrestling and child custody as long as Sammy Hagar is there to set the tone. Hmm, I think it's time to turn my hat backwards...

"Basketball Diaries" was a heroin movie.

Friday Night Lights was great. And, I don't know...I love Everybody's All American. But the best sports movies ever are boxing flicks.

I don't know if it counts since it's a documentary, but Hoop Dreams was a pretty amazing film.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: I OWN YOU!!

What about "Stealing Home", staring Mark Harmon, Harold Ramis, adn Jodie Foster?

I believe the Stallone move you speak of is Victory, also starring Michael Caine and Max Von Sidow.

Motorcycling/motocross -- On Any Sunday

Has anyone seem Kicking and Screaming (soccer)?

Oops. That should say SEEN, not seem.

I gotta ask, "Bull Durham?"

Vinnie Jones' "Mean Machine" was a cool soccer movie.

Never doubt the power of Keanu in The Replacements.

(I hated that Titans movie)

Greatest Movie Ever: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh. With Dr. J., Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Meadowlark Lemon, along with Jonathan Winters, Stockard Channing, M. Emmet Walsh, Marv Albert, Flip Wilson and Debbie Allen. OK, so it's a really dumb movie about an astrologer that saves a basketball team (written by the guy also responsible for Summer School and Smokey and the Bandit Part 3), but for some reason that movie has been stuck in my head since 1979. I blame the Amazing Gravity-Defying Mind-Control Afro.

The Boys in Company C was definitely a good war/soccer movie. Remember the Titans is decent. I'd have to include Bull Durham, but I'd at least include Eight Men Out before BNB in Breaking Training.

Speaking of arm-wrestling (which we weren't) how about this upcoming documentary?
Production has begun on Pulling John, the seminal movie about the world of professional armwrestling. This documentary will take the deepest look ever into the lives of professional athletes.

That Stallone movie is indeed 'Victory' and they're in a POW camp not a jail, and those are NAZIS, not jail guards. It's a very, very good movie.

LadyBugs w/ Rodney Dangerfield and a crossdressing kid isn't on the Soccer movie list, either. That's a good thing.

'The Cup' is a good movie about Tibet and the World Cup - Here's a bit of a review:

The World Cup and Tibetan Monks are not the two topics most likely to pack Americans into cinemas. A combination of the two may actually frighten away some viewers

Me and the other person in the theater liked it pretty well. The soccer action is seen on the television in Tibet. If you're curious about life in Tibet and how the World Cup affects the rhythms of life, give 'The Cup' a look-see.


How about Necessary Roughness for a football movie?

For basketball, there's also White Men Can't Jump.

Wasn't there a Rodney Dangerfield Soccer movie? How bad could it have been?

(And where's the Golf list, speaking of Rodney...?)

Best baseball movie:

The Untouchables

I'm surprised you left of the most recent hockey movie of all -- Miracle. It was extremely well done and is certainly a top-3. In fact, I might even call it a top-3 of all time sports related movies.

On the football front, you didn't list "Friday Night Lights" which I think gave some good insight into highschool football as did "Return of the Titans". The ESPN movie called "Junction Boys" was based on the early years of coach Paul "Bear" Bryant and is noteworthy as well.

Hey, no best wrestling movies?

Real Wrestling - Vision Quest
Fake Wrestling - .... hmmm... The One and Only?

Bull Durham is purposefully left off the list. I loathe that movie with an undescribable passion. And I thought Eight Men Out was boring.

Agreed and agreed.

Football - The Program

add my 2 cents:

my top 3 baseball:
Sandlot (I love this movie)
Field of Dreams
The Natural
honorable mention: Angels in the Outfield, Mr. 3000

Friday Night Lights (cause thats how life was my junior/senior year)
Remember the Titans
The Waterboy
Honarable mention: Unecessary Roughness

I agree on your top 3 there.

Space Jam is about all we watch

Bend it like Beckham is pretty good.
The Big Green

WWE: From the Vault: Shawn Michaels

Over the Top? Yikes.

I have a friend who's sole review of that movie consisted of "The kid's a cryer."

Long Gone. One of the best ever.
Stud Cantrell - William Peterson of CSI
Jose "joe" Brown- he's not black he's mexican

I still want a Tampico Stogie baseball shirt. Oh yea filmed in Lakeland Fl at Joe Merchant Statdium.

And yes Virgina Madsen as the Strawberry Queen (i think it was strawberry). the sexist women ever smoking a cigarette.

Golf movies?

Caddyshack - original only
Tin Cup (what is it with Costner and sports movies?)

Not on the list but mentioned in the comments is The Program.

That movie had such an impact that among my friends anyone going apeshit is still said to be "pulling a Latimer"

Also the Waterboy and because of cheese factor, Queen soundtrack and tangetial link to football Flash Gordon.

Never in a million years would I have guessed that you hate Bull Durham, Michele. If anything I would have thought there was a chance you might see Field Of Dreams as too sappy.

I love 'em both...


you're a SECRETARY!!?

Mystery, Alaska is a godawful hockey movie. And not even fun-bad. Hell, Sudden Death is a better hockey movie; at least there you get to see Van Damme kill a mascot.

you're a SECRETARY!!?

When I'm not an assassin.


She turns her hat around, and it's like she's a different person. Like a machine. Like that truck.

Maybe there should be a list for "Best Obscure Sports Movies". Then you could list "Over the Top" without feeling embarrassed.

Here's another hilarious one for that category (and by the way, this movie was MEANT to make the audience laugh).

"Men With Brooms" -- Curling.

Men With Brooms is okay if you can get around the rules misinterpretation that creates the main character's dramatic conflict. And it's got one of the best gratuitous cameos ever.

The best obscure sport movie, though, is Lagaan, the 4-hour Indian cricket musical that feels like 90 minutes.

Best Rollerball movies:

Rollerball (the original)

Worst Rollerball movies:

Rollerball (the remake)

We've forgotten the best.biggest.sportsy.movies.ever :
The Olympics!

1. Cool Runnings
1a. Chariots of Fire
2. American Anthem
3. Gymkata - (it counts)
4. Personal Breasts, errr, Best

Football Movie- (Original) Son of Flubber

Basketball movie- The Absent Minded professor

Like a machine. Like that truck.

I'm Optimus Prime!

3. Gymkata - (it counts)

Not in my lifetime.

Basketball movie- The Absent Minded professor


...speaking of sports movies, and baseball in particular, here a bit of dialog between the losing pitcher and his catcher:

C:"There are pleanty of parks he couldn't of hit that out of".

P: "Name one."

C: "...Yellowstone."

What frickin' movie was that??

And Long Gone is the best baseball move ever.

The scene w/ Mulroney, Madsen and Smith in the hotel "the morning after" was priceless.

That, and the "Dixie Lee Boxx 30-day free home trial."


Oh, 'nuther category.... Endless Summer.

hehehe...he said "chest protector".

Legend of Bagger Vance

Dude! Unnecessary Roughness! I would have figured you'd love that film.

Basketball movie:

The Pistol, about Pistol Pete Maravic. I think he was just a freshman starting on the varsity team. He was a smart mouthed little squirt compared to the rest of the guys, but he already had the moves. It was a made for tv movie, but was terrific.

Days of Thunder. The rental car scene makes up for the other 97% of this movie that is pure unadulterated horseshit.

The Mean Machine is a good brain dead film. Its based on The Longest Yard, but converted to Soccer (the real Football) and set in the UK. The main attraction is Vinny Jones (former Pro footballer turned actor in magnificent films such as Snatch and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels)

"A League of Their Own" is a great baseball movie.

And "The Cutting Edge" is a good hockey movie, but a better chick-flick. (Doug Dorsey becomes a figure skater)

"He Got Game" was pretty good (basketball)

Football: Best of Times, Wildcats, Jonny B.Good, and what was that one with the mule that could kick hundred yard field goals?

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