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hit me

Alas, the baseball season has ended for DJ and his team. They lost tonight by a walloping score of 14-8, to the team with the nastiest, most obnoxious coach EVER. How did the kids take it? Two seconds after the game ended, they were on the field chasing each other with bottles of water.

Sure, I was a little dejected. But I have Hit Me Baby One More Time to cheer my up. The Knack, baby. Hit me.

Update: They still sound FRESH!

This Halloway band or whatever they are still sound the same. But I only know this one song of theirs and it sounds boring, repetitive and reminds me of those idiots from SNL.

Sooo...am I the only person who hates the 867 song?

Tommy Tutone was never really handsome to begin with. Now? He looks like the bastard child of Paul Schaffer and an alien. Ok, looking forward to seeing him do Blink 182.

Ahh the Motels (and how did I end up live blogging this show?). I used to love this band. And her. Martha? I always get her confused with Martha and the Muffins.

She looks like my ninth grade Spanish Teacher. Miss Liberatos. RIP. She looks matronly in that "I am so scared of you" way.

Ice Ice Baby up next!

Ok, Ice is playing this fro all it's worth. I wish he would have come out doing the metal version, though. WORD TO YOUR MOTHER!!!111!11! Hahahha. He's going to do Destiny's Child.

Warning to those who are new to the show: The second half totally blew last week. I'm hoping it's better this time.

I heard Night Ranger is going to be on next week. I swear, I will wet my pants if they are. SISTER CHRISTIAN!

The Knack is doing Jet. It's pretty damn awful. Someone get me some earplugs.

That Halloween guy, or Hallway or whatever just bored me so much I watched an ant crawl up the wall instead. Then I killed it.

WHAT THE HELL? Please tell me you are watching Tommy Tutone attempt All the Small Things. Some people should just stay has-beens, you know? You're in the cut-out bin for a reason. Oh man, I hope the guys from Blink 182 meet him one day and kick the shit out of him, just on principle. Hell, he should kick the shit out of himself for doing this in public.

Once again, the second half sucks, though I'm kind of digging the Ice man's interpretation of Destiny's Child.


I can take my codeine and pass out knowing all is right with the world.


Woops, I spoke too soon. Ignore my comment in All's Well mmm'k?

The Knack, they haven't changed a bit...it's scarey.

the Knack was great. Lazzo Hollifield sucks, or whatever his name is.

I'm looking forward to hearing them do "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?"

yeah, but look at the girls he's got dancing, this could be a comeback for The Golddiggers.


Tommy Tutone sounds like Neil Young...I kind of like it that way.

Didn't miss that song a bit.

Didn't miss "Only The Lonely" that much either. And she's wearing more makeup than a Mary Kay Commando.

Okay the motels sounded pretty good. and I would like to hear their other song.

I am scared of the Ice Man. I am going to bet on train wreck.

I just got back from the NBC site, Vanilla Ice is winning the "Who Do You Want to Win" poll. I smell VFTW cookin'.

They should make Vanilla Ice do "Under Pressure" for his second number.

I actually liked Vanilla Ice...I don't understand it, but I liked it.

wow. I don't know what to say about that.


where is the GONG when you need it?

Is it just me or does The Knack do this song better than Jett?

Okay...just me...first Vanilla Ice now this...hmmmm

Sorry I just had to change the channel.

This Haddaway guy reminds me of Ben Vareen playing Sammy Davis in "All That Jazz."

Tommy sounds like Wall of Vodoo.

I'm on a Mexican Radio.

Rob, I was just thinking "Wall of Voodoo" without the irony.

The Motels have to save this.


What the HELL is she thinking?

umm never mind.

mabey norah can have Blink 182 kick the shit out of the motels when they are done with Tommy.


Vanilla Ice may win this thing.

Those 4 songs may be the worst 20 minutes of television ever. Ever

Wow Vanilla Ice ROCKS

that was great (compaired to the others)

Ice man wins going away.

Part of me's really not suprised. I watched WAY too much VH1 in the late 90s.

Thanks for doing this Michele. If I tried this over at The Daily Brief, Connor's would put out a hit on me.

Thanks Michele, hope you feel better

and til next week, everyone wang chung tonight.

See, I really liked Tommy. Blink 182 is fine and all, but I loved the cover. It had an edge of insanity to it that seemed missing from the original.

Then again, I may not be in my right head. Vanilla Ice is 15 years ago? There are kids in college with no real memory of a time before "Ice Ice Baby"? Yeesh. I am an old and bitter man.

TuTone wasn't so bad covering Blink, Michele, but this episode was such an inside fix for Vanilla Ice to win it wasn't fun to watch, except for the "what are they up to now" part featuring Martha Motel. "I'm having the time of my life." Yeah, right Toots. You're doing dinner theater in Nowhereville. You wear enough pancake to feed a Sudanese village. Go hoover up another ham and tell someone who gives a shit about the Motels "working on a new record." Where? Your basement? Double wides got basements? I never knew that!

Knack fun fact: Lead singer Doug Feiger is the brother of uberlawyer/one-time Michigan gubernational candidate Jeffery Feiger.

Not really important, but it does give me a chance to type the word "gubernational." Gubernational. Gubernational. I love that word.