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all's well...

I'm as good as can be expected, perhaps even a bit better than I thought I'd be. The novacaine is fully wearing off now and I'm starting to feel the afte-pain a bit, but I'm not laying on the couch moaning that I'm dying like the last time.

In fact, I'm off to DJ's playoff game now. I hope to be back to more normal (meaning actual content) blogging tomorrow. And, I hope to finally be free of the mouth pain that has plauged me all these weeks. That would be sweet.


So glad to hear you're doing as well as can be expected! Enjoy the good drugs and rest up!

Glad to hear that all is as good as expected/hoped for.

Best medicine by far would be a win by DJ's team!

Speedy recovery Michele. And good luck to DJ and his teamates.

I found that a pitcher o' pina colada's can fit into a large insulated sippy thing a ma' bob. It makes the innings pass faster. And it will help with any lingering pain.

I'm happy for you, Michele. Go gurl! :-)

So...no "Hit Me Baby One More Time?"

Fine, get better, come back well, it's all about you isn't it?

The Knack is sounding amazingly the same.

Get well soon! And if the pain hits, take those pills!

It's as Cosby once said; Novacane doesn't deaden pain, it just postpones it.

Glad to see you looking like you're back on your feet again, and ready to play out litle game.

(Trivia: Where'd I swipe that from?)