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with(out) teeth: D-day

In about two hours I'll be sitting in the dentist office, getting ready to finally have this problem taken care of once and for all. I hope. Pulling the teeth won't cure the TMJ, but it will take away one component that was making the TMJ flare up. I never thought I would look forward to having teeth pulled, but the pain I have been for TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS has taken care of that. I'm hoping that I recover in time to get to DJ's playoff game tonight, and then by tomorrow I will finally be pain free. Oh, glorious day.

I'll most likely have nothing for you today, so I'll throw a few links and things at you now.

First, I'm just now getting a bunch of gmail from days and days ago. So if you sent me something and I haven't replied yet, that's probably why. Either that, or I hate you.

I've got a rather disturbing story up at 100 words, which I should probably apologize for.

And, I'm quoted in the Christian Science Monitor today, in a story about the state of radio (they called me in reference to this post).

And that's it. I'm off to see the denist.


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Good luck! And make sure you get plenty o'meds.

At one time I thought I'd be horrified by having to have my teeth pulled and having to wear falsies, but now I'm thinking fondly of having teeth that can't decay.

Good luck, girl. Our thoughts are with you.

Don't hesitate to medicate!

All the best !

I liked the 100 words (no apology necessary.) Happy teeth-pulling day! I feel/fear I have a similar day in my not too distant future (three wisdom teeth, and the tooth the wisdom teeth are crushing.)

Hope the dentist goes well.

Good luck.

Good luck...and don't forget to get liquored up before climbing in that driller's chair!

Take your iPod and ask for laughing gas plus the novacaine. I have slight TMJ problems in my right jaw, and I can't hold my jaw open long enough to get dental work done....the dentist would have to stop every couple of minutes to let me rest. So he gives me gas now, even for cleanings.

Believe me - the experience is sooooo much easier to handle when you're laying back in the chair, comfortably numb and floating along while listening to some good tunes.

Props on getting into the CSM and hope the trip to the dentist goes well for you.

Ouch! Best wishes. Do what they tell you about soft foods, rinsing, not sucking, ... you do NOT want a dry socket (although that would distract you from the TMJ pain!)

Glad to hear you're getting it taken care of - hope it goes well...

Don't apologize - that "100 words" was priceless! :)

Hope it all turns out well, Michele!

So....how are you?

You're gonna be one humble bumble.

Cousin Brucie's goin' to satellite.

Congrats on the CSM quote. That's pretty freaking cool.

Nice getting quoted in the CSM.