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shall we play a game?

First, daily reminder of 100 words.

Now onto the flickr reminder. But this one is different. It's a game, of sorts!

I made a set called A to Z. Your job is to go through the pictures, which are in order, and figure out what each picture represents, alphabetically.

asv's photos tagged with "a to z" More of asv's photos tagged with "a to z"

click and go play! (you have to use this link to get the whole set). Some are hard (me being obtuse, I guess), and some are obvious.


Z for Zen?

I'm guessing zombie Deej is Brains but I'm kind of lost on the rest and just plain too tired to really get into it.

B is for boy?
G is for gore?
J is for jump?
K is for Killer Klowns from Outer Space?
Q is for quiet?
R is for rust?
U is for Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon?
W is for wish?
Y is for Yule?

Wow, Lesley is good. Timmer got the B right, but Lesley got the rest.

F is for Fans?
L is for Lean?
M is for Motion?
N is for Noel?
O is for Orange?
P is for Parallellogram?
S is for Streamers?
X is for X-Men?

F, M, X are right.

I think L is going to be hard.

C: Carrot like nose?
D: Dad?
E: Eerie clouds
N: Nicholas
O: Open road
P: Peaking out from the trees
S: Sparklers
V: Victory

C, D, N, P (good enough) and V.

FLICKR is having a "massage".

This is not the thrill-packed fun ride I was hoping for.

Ah, now it's working...let's see.

A-Absent your shoes, you fly in the air. When you come down...find a new pair.

B-Blue SUV, a chariot you are. Take me to places both near and far.

C-Carrot's are for noses on a snowman's face. We're out of carrots, so we used this in it's place.

D-Dinner for a hero, so much he is owed. A brave trustee of the fireman's code.

E-Electricity in the air, a storm in the making. To take that picture, a chance you are taking.

F-Fans in the ceiling, they spin and they spin, the bottles they hold scotch, bourbon and gin.

G-Ghastly and scary, a childhood fright. On All-hallows Eve, they walk at night.

H-Homosexual Elf. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

I-I am a prince, I tell you no lies. Kiss me and free me from this unlikely disguise.

J-Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Where the hell is your candlestick?

K-King, writer of horror, would be quite surprised, the see in the flesh, the clown Pennywise!

L-Lean to the left, you gracefull old tree. Whisper your secrets to no one but me.

M-My you are in such a hurry...you move you fast, that you are quite blurry.

N-No, I'm NOT Greg Allman, I'm not even a fan, so stop asking me to sing Rambling Man!

O-Ocher leaves glide on the autumn breeze. Their first and only flight.

P-Perchance to dream, the setting sun, rest Old Sol, your labor's done.

Q-Quicksilver and fleeting, the snow that has fallen, savor the moment before others come calling.

U-Used and scarred, the old trunk waits. The miles you've traveled through ports and through gates.

V-Violent explosions we use to recall, the wars that which brought freedom to us all.

W-With nothing but love they play the game, not for money, nor ego, or for the fame.

X-X marks the spot, this place, this time. Come with me, to the sky we will climb!

Y-Youth is so fleeting, the days blur past. Enjoy every moment, it's gone far too fast.

Z-Zero hour is here! The day of your birth. The love of your wife, no price names it's true worth.

L is for Long Island?