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"...PETA, member...adjusts the cellophane covering on the costume of demonstrator...The protest, in which three people placed themselves in containers resembling supermarket meat trays, was meant to compare eating meat with cannibalism. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Make your own caption. Or just ridicule them.


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"Thoroughly wash hands after handling."

Really the thighs are the best parts. Is it double coupon day?

Mmmmm. Am I the only one that's hungry?

"Ooops! These packages aren't completely sealed in plastic. Let me fix that right now."

I reeeeally hope they forgot to make airholes.

Noting the $.30/lb savings, Jacob selects a family pack.

NOW protests PETA rally; claims demonstration "treats women as pieces of meat"

"Fava beans... check. Chianti... check. What am I forgetting?"

... and that's how Billy Donner was never asked to bring food to the company BBQ again.

Butcher: This one look good?
Me: Nope, too much stupid marbled into that one.

New Soylent Green - Yeah, We're People. You Got A Problem With That?

Taste like chicken.

The other other white meat.

Even remembering that the wife told him to get dark meat for the cookout, Johnny just has to have the white.

After listening to another NPR story about foreign delicacies and the bland American style of cooking, Johnny determined that this weekend he was going to change.

Remember the USDA said to clean totally before freezing.

USDA grade dumbass

"You got anything smaller? The Venetian only wants a pound..."

Sell-by date: 1969.

I'm a proud member of PETA.

People Eating Tasty Animals.

Remember kids: Plastic over your head can cause asphyxiation, leading to brain damage.

Johnny Catbird: HA!

"It's those unforseen things that crop up during these protests," said one PETA protester. He then lifted his shirt to show me just where the flies landed and laid their eggs...

One month from now, a planned shish kebob protest ends in tragedy.

"Nah.. lets go to safeway, stupid rich white kids are on sale there."

PETA's tin ear for publicity never ceases to amaze me.

Q: How do you make a person float?
A: Place 2 scoops of Ice cream in a really large glass...

Two more:

"Slave 4658798 secures cellophane over the latest crop of humans for his benevolent alien masters."

EXCLUSIVE! On the set of Ravenous 2!

This week on Grilling With Bobby Flay: Soylent Green.

Introducing Soylent Green Snapple. Made from the best stuff on Earth....People!

Shopping for a new girlfriend is always hard...

Heheheh. I said "hard."

I'll take ten pounds of flesh and two pounds of the mustard potato salad.

You call these breasts?

Actually I had something else in mind when I said "eat me."

"With a perfect vacuum acting as a preservative, we will be able to maintain these dorks as a cautionary exhibit for future generations."

Seriosly, if that's the only way that he can find women that's pretty pathetic.

"Bob, come, back, I need to get out and pee...Bob??"

Jeffrey Dahmer prepares for his support group's picnic.

Product may contain one or more of the following: monosodium glutumate, unshaven legs, malic acid, vague stench of old Birkenstocks, partially digested soy smoothie, FD&C Yellow #5

These USDA-sanctioned mass funerals are getting a bit out of hand.

V-Mart - Where it costs less, to get more.

Five bucks says those styrofoam trays end up in a landfill.

Let's see, Joseph Crater....Michael Rockerfeller...D.B. Cooper....BINGO! here he is...Jimmy Hoffa!

Your vegans are brown and yucky; mine are frush and yummy. With Hippie Fresh®!

I suppose it's not worth correcting the spelling on that one.

I always had a different picture when people said, "If he goes to Providence, he is dead meat."

"Phew... how long's this one been on the shelf?"

Where's the Beef, indeed.

Photo taken five seconds before Treebeard ripped them in half for using cellophane.

No caption here, but this is yet more support for Taranto's theory that PETA is a right-wing plot to discredit the animal rights movement.

Not just PETA. I'd wager ELF and ALF are part of the same plot.

heh heh heh.....that chicks hot.....heh heh heh

An outtake from a Cartman dream sequence. "Get those hippies!"

"Best if served before 1968"

And in that train of thought...
"Already spoiled"

i'll take two, cracked and cleaned, please.

I can't believe no one said this yet:
(insert drumroll)
"I'm having some friends for dinner tonight..."

It would seem that this would be better suited for an anti-prostitution rally or women's rights type of thing.

I think this one is mis packaged, It says flesh but it smells like fish.

I think it looks cool myself, but you know, strictly from my minority viewpoint as a cannibal. ;)

As performance art, it's gotta be more than a little unsafe though--I hope they thought of sunblock and airholes.

Boy, I'm gonna take great pleasure in GUTTIN you!

Is there a sell-by date on these packages?

Ewww, people look really unappetizing, why do monsters keep trying to eat us?!

This brings to mind a few fun thoughts:

  • Start judging the meat the same way you would in the store.
  • Arrive at the protest dressed like Hannibal Lecter.
  • Suggest they do this at the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.
  • Drive up with a refrigerated truck and say, "I'm here to pick up an order."
  • Ask for samples.

Is it just wrong to say

"Stupid Fucking PETA?"

Because really, that's what i usually feel.

What am I supposed to learn from this?

That meat is like a lucious little nineteen-year old South Dakotan farmer's daughter wrapped up naked in cellophane? Yum. Get me a fork and some condoms.

Alternatively, I can see the argument that killing animals for sale as food is like killing PETA protesters for the sake of proving a point. I'm cool with that too.

"I have heard of people who want to welcome aliens but this is a bit rediculous."

"Part of Karl Rove's plan to trade live humans for alien technology."

Imagine the Costco sized packs!

I thought meat markets came with loud music, alcohol and ferns.

"Ugh.....no wonder it was on sale.....HAIR.....EVERYWHERE."

That meat's SPOILED! :)

Let's see, I need some breasts, some legs, some thighs and some barbeque sauce.

While this group of moonbats is lecturing the rest of us they're running a "kill" shelter.

PETA kills animals. By the thousands.

Do read PETA's very lame response. As a breed rescue participant and owner of rescued dogs, this is more than disgusting, it should be illegal.

They thought this was the apex of protests, but it's more like the ex-ape of protests.

The package says "flesh," but that's not all that's there. Shouldn't it say "bone-in," or would that be reserved for the case where they're packed in pairs?

"Does anybody like us yet? Anybody?"

Attend the tale of Sweeny Todd...

Or is that too obscure?


We'll serve anyone
Meaning anyone
And to anyone at all!

Here we have the (not quite) memorable scene from "Fridge Wars: The Butcher Strikes Back" when Han Solo's children are placed not in carbonite, but cellophane.

Unlike the carbon freezing process that Han went through, cellophane has no ability to suspend organic matter in a form of statis. The end result was that they all suffocated to death... thus ending the budding filmaker's movie franchise.

Shouldn't have left them in the sun. :P