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they're coming to take me away

First. My obligatory 100 words reminder. Interesting theme today, varied stories, click the ratings thing, roll your own. Also, my obligatory "look at my flickr pictures and maybe add me to your contacts and shit" reminder:

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Between the codeine, the anti inflammatory shit and the antibiotics, I'm loopier than Jessica Simpson after a bottle of vodka. Time to put the keyboard down.

But i just wanted to share this with you first:

Drawings by kids who have been abducted by aliens

Ok, show of hands. Who here has been abducted by aliens before?

When I was telling my mother about my sleep paralysis, I told her there was a website that said I was experiencing alien abduction. My mother said, "Oh, they're not abducting you. They're finally coming to take you back!" Haha. Funny lady.

Do you believe in aliens? If so, humanoid type aliens or little green men who talk funny and want to cook us for dinner kind of aliens?

Just curious.


I'm agnostic on the subject, but I think I'll skip the hat (instructions on the sister site) regardless.

i don't really believe any of the alien folklore that's out there (area 51, roswell, etc.), but really, there's just gotta be intelligent life elsewhere. there has to be.

i mean, really... 10 kajillion stars and planets out there, and we're the only life in the universe? i don't think so... and really, what an egocentric thought.

You really need to start recording and podcasting this stuff. :)

I've experienced sleep paralysis, but never encountered any aliens. Basically I just lie there and think "Oh crap, I'm awake but I can't move" - you're not really fully awake, but you're aware of the room and you're thinking. Occasionally I've felt like someone was in the room, just a dark shadow over to the side, but it doesn't usually freak me out, I just tell myself no one's there.

However, there was a time when I was 4 or 5 that might have been sleep paralysis or a bad dream, I don't know which, but I remember it well. I looked at the end of my bed, and there was a tall black figure standing there, staring down at me, something like the grim reaper. I woke up screaming. I never had this experience again, but after that night I refused to sleep in that room again.

I think there's probably life on other planets, but I'm dubious as to whether they've had any contact with us.

Or it could be I'm just jealous. Why didn't they pick me?

Could life exist on other plants? Almost certainly, I'd think.

Is it necessarily intelligent, has visited us, or happens to exist in the same blink of cosmological age that we do? Who the heck knows.

I had an incident of sleep paralysis for the first time in my life the other night, it was horrifying. I was awake, but unable to move, and completely convinced that something horrible was looming over me. When it finally broke, and my rational mind resumed control, I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldnt until I had turned on every light in my apartment, checked the corners, and made sure the doors were locked. And I'm 30 years old! It was that powerful.

It no longer surprises me that people who are unaware of sleep paralysis could mistake such experiences for alien or supernatural encounters, it really is freaky.

Reptilians. I mean, duh.

Also, "Mars Attacks" was a documentary!

I'm angling for Vorlons, but it seems that Sectoids are still popular...

I want to believe that humans aren't the only intelligent life in the whole universe. However, I can't really say that I believe the current theories out there.

I'll ask Tom Cruise about this the next time I see him...

I get sleep paralysis every so often, too. I hear voices near me. They always sound like they're just outside my bedroom, having a conversation. I can never make out any words, but I always get the disturbing sense that they're talking about me.

I have to wrench myself out of sleep to break the spell (not an easy move).

I HAVE to believe that there is intelligent life on other planets ... because there sure as hell ain't much on this planet.

Aliens most probably could be out there, but if they evolved at the same rate we did, they're probably having the same problems we are right now. Unless they're aliens from the future!1!

I Have hear many stories about Alien adoptions in Southamerica, And I wonder ,how can so many people assure they have seen ufo's. Let's face it, unless so many people are involved in some sort of collective trance then it's pretty likely that there really are those guys among us.


Like many of the above posters, I'm in the "alien life exists, but aliens aren't visiting Earth" category.