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something wicked this way came

Well, it was just a storm that looked and sounded more ominous than it was. It was, however, enough to cancel tonight's playoff game.

I put myself in harm's way and stood amidst the lightning strikes to snap some photos.

You can see them at Flickr!


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Central Suffolk County - 20 miles away - got nada.

We could have used the rain, too.

The city got hit much worse than we did in Nassau. We got some lightning, thunder and about ten minutes of downpour. I heard they got hail and all kinds of wind in Queens and NYC.

Eastern suffolk - nada. And I watered my garden and everything. I mean what do I have to do to make it rain? Wash my car?

Oh, wait. Tomorrow's softball nite. That'll do the trick.

About 6:00 the wife and I were standing outside, commenting that back in the midwest, the sky looking feeling and smelling like that would mean a decent storm in 20-40 minutes. Four hours later, the Weather Channel doesn't even have anything on the western side of Suffolk. I've long since given up on predicting weather on the island. I guess that means I'm ready to do the weather for News 12, right?

We're getting the second round here in the city. God I love this. =)

Almost makes up for the Sox being MORONS tonight. Almost.

Yo Michele, seems you've really taken a liking to Flickr! Your pics are all cool.