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the vision of your happiness

On my way to Round 2 of DJ's baseball playoffs in a few (despite ominous thunderstorm/tornado warnings).

Something for you to read: Darth Vader, the Yourish interview.

And then there was that insufferable Yoda. The creature never learned how to speak Galactic properly; always mangling his sentences. You have no idea how boring it was to sit in a Jedi council meeting and listen to him drone on and on.

Just read the whole thing.

Something for you to listen to:

Two songs mentioned in my post yesterday mouring the loss of WCBS-FM:

The Penguins - Earth Angel

Five Satins - In the Still of the Night

I really implore you to download and listen to these songs. They're beautiful music. Thanks to the lovely and gracious Charles for the mp3s.

Now, send DJ and his team some mojojuju.


Go DJ's Team!!!

(I mean, sheesh, the hostess asks for a little mojo and suddenly everyone's busy...:)

I can't believe my eyes. This is the first time, ever, that you mentioned a song and artist of whom I have actually heard. And, not only one, but two.

I thought you were a real weirdo whose only redeeming value was as a Yankee fan. Guess I was not 100% correct.

Hey Michele --

I sent you a considerably less genteel song that I thought might amuse you yesterday (to the gmail acct in yr. profile). Did you get it?