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new additions

Today's recruits:

And the class of 2005, thus far:



But does he have a rocket that actually fires?

Bobba Fett? Bobba Fett? Where?

Today is my thirteenth wedding anniversary, and we are going to watch ESB. I will hoist a glass of wine to the ultimate bounty hunter in the galaxy, Bobba Fett. BWAHAAAA! Rebel Scum!

I am so envious I'm ashamed of myself. All we have is Luke and an Ewok (I asked for a Wookie and the kid gives an Ewok - sad days indeed when a kid doesn't know the difference).

Boba Fett's coolness translates to every medium, doesn't it?

How cool are these ?!?!??!
Where are they from ? I've not seem them around here in Australia. If there is an Aussie posting here and has seen these, please tell me where.