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I am my own worst enemy.

Satisfied that all my pain was related to the TMJ and I would get that taken care of by the dentist, I didn't go for my cat scan. Had I gone for the cat scan, I might have realized the the EXRUCIATING pain and general malaise I've been feeling for the last two days is because I have a raging infection on the right side of my head.

My dentist was none too pleased with me today. In fact, I think I heard her mutter "Darwin" under her breath after she told me if I let it go any longer I would have been in the hospital.

So we've got TMJ, an infected tooth that spread to other areas, including the area where an impacted wisdom tooth sits, which is now infected. I originally thought the TMJ was giving me a tootache. Au contraire - it was the tooth problems that caused the TMJ to flare up like it did.

Coincidentally, I had an appointment this week to have root canal done on the offending tooth. Instead, I'll be having that tooth yanked as well as the wisdom tooth. They're not doing it until Thursday, so I'm on a heavy course of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory stuff and painkillers until then.

The best part is, I am now taking an unscheduled week of vacation from work. Yes. My vacation is going to be spent half in pain and half getting dental work done. And it's all my own fault.

I told my husband he should just put me in one of those senior centers now. They'll take care of me medically, even cut my hair and fix my eyeglasses and help me through the obvious loss of my mental faculties. I can get into a Friday night routine of knitting and Lawrence Welk if it means I won't cause any more harm to myself by being totally and completely negligent about my medical care. Hell, I'm 42 and I never even had a mammogram. I'm just not a doctor kind of person.

Anyhow, that's the latest medical update and more than you'll ever need to know about me. I apologize in advance for anything I write here while under the influence of codeine.

You may now get on with your lives which you put on hold while waiting for me to regale you with tales of dentistry.


Codeine blogging -- what could be more fun?

Sorry to hear your dental woes. Stuff like that happens to me all the time (except it's usually my back) just because I hate going to the doctor.

Sorry, Michelle. I'm just as bad, and I have no excuse whatsoever--my dad is a dentist. And the wife is in almost the same shape you are.

It's gonna be a long week...

Well, here's hoping you feel better. And now a word from the nagging mother in me: Go get that mammogram! My mother is a breast cancer survivor so I had to have my first one this year - I'm 30. They're really not that bad, and the peace of mind is so worth the discomfort.

Twins! I just got back from the doctor, who gave me twelve days worth of amoxycillin and ordered me to call my dentist. Tooth-yanking (and senility) is in my future too.

Let me chime in about dental delays. I've got a tooth that had a root canal. Then it got infected again and had to have another root canal. A few months ago, I broke off a chunk of molar. When they xrayed me, the twice canalled tooth showed that whenever they did the root canal, they forgot to fill the @!#%& thing in correctly and now it needs to be yanked.
One pulled tooth, one broken tooth, and the need for a bridge. $$$,$$$,$$$. I ignored it.

Now there's a huge knot under the gum of the tooth that I can only determine as an abscess or something. It's starting to hurt. I'm calling the dentist sometime today.

I'm sure I'll get read the riot act as well.

Polka rules.

sheesh Michele

I've been particularly healthy my adult life and therefore, haven't gone much to the doctor's either.

I hate mamograms and I'm overdue for one by about 4 years -- just turned 51 yesterday and there's another slew of tests I should be getting... ick.

sheesh, what some folks won't do for happy meds (he muttered, hoping desperately that the codiene had sufficiently muddled her hand-eye coordination to put the trajectory of the hurled empty Guiness bottle off by just enough to miss clocking him in the noggin)

Seriously..get that shit fixed, woman! Don't like the concept of people I like being in a hurtin way!

ug. Mongo go lunch now.


Ugh, getting old sucks. Teeth ... slowing metabolism, etc. It all just bites. I had my first mammogram the a few weeks ago (baseline is supposed to be at 35.) You gotta go for the SOFT mammogram thing. It's got pads on the metal-press.

Getting older is a whole lot better than the alternative.

Get well soon, Michelle.

I let a cavity eat away at my wisdom tooth for, believe it or not, a couple years because I didn't want to go to the dentist. My wife finally made me go to the dentist because it was ridiculous to spend $$ on insurance and not go for cleanings. Well I went, knowing what they would find. A week later had all 4 removed...well I should say all 3 1/4 removed since the cavity one was 3/4 gone. I just got used to not eating on that side of my mouth!!!

Yeah, we know you're stoned if you're contemplating listening to Lawrence Welk.

Death before disco...or polka...or bubble machines!!!


(Extra points for those who can identify the source of Coho!)

I don't think any woman is really all that fond of doctors but please schedule a mammogram soon.
I think we all know a few women some lucky enough to have caught it early and still be with us and some we've lost.

You don't have to like it, you just have to do things to save your own life in some cases and be there for your kids graduations and weddings and first grandkids and all the things you could miss because you don't like doctors.

I am finally going to the doctor in a week to figure out my lightheadedness/dizzy issues, so I can sympathize to some degree.

I think you need to exchange your head for a new one. That should solve things.

I might have realized the the EXRUCIATING pain and general malaise I've been feeling for the last two days is because I have a raging infection on the right side of my head.

Damn. I almost suggested that in the comments, but I didn't want to sound like a Cliff Claven. Now I'm not even being useful and sounding like a Cliff Claven. Sorry.

Hope you feel better.

I too am hoping to read an entry about your first mammogram. My best friend went in for her baseline mammogram at 36 (she was still breastfeeding at the time), well they discovered very advanced breast cancer. I'm watching her go through the treatments, and believe me, I'm getting squished on my 35th birthday!

PS. Sorry about your tooth:)

Ya wanna smoke?

Ouch. Amazon says that tomorrow you'll have ZIM, if that counts for anything. Next week, I get to go for another round of "scraping and planing", dentist code for "we're going to hurt you and we won't give you any painkillers", so I can empathize.

Hey Bill, I got all Claven-like and it didn't do any good.

Like telling all you thirty-sometings to TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH OR YOU WILL BE SORRY will also do no good.

Michele, in addition to the knitting and Lawrence Welk, don't forget the cutthroat pick-up bridge games after lunch.

is it safe yet?

yeah, I know. that's mean. at least you have serious drugs. get seriously well.

When you schedule your mammogram - and you know you should - try to time it so that you aren't in the PMS zone. Having your breasts flattened like pancakes between two plates is a treat in itself...but doing it when merely taking your bra off causes pain, you are just asking for a double-double pain, with a side of pain, please.

Trust me on this.

You really should get a mamogram. Your boobs are too beautiful to let anything happen to them.

michele: Yikes! =8-O Get better soon!

htom wrote, "Getting older is a whole lot better than the alternative."

And it smells better, too. :)

Ouch. Hope all the nastiness goes away soon!

Hey, I just had my first mammogram and it didn't hurt at all. Not at all! I think it's because I breastfed three children, and my breasts have been permanently stretched out and flattened.

Plus, I was able to steal a handful of supersized GIANT wet wipes from the exam room. They keep them there because you're supposed to wipe off your antiperspirant in advance. But they're fabulous wipes: big enough to clean your hands, your face, the steering wheel and the dashboard after you've been through Taco Bell.

I'm glad you finally got it taken care of, hope you feel better soon, and make sure you follow up.
infections in the head isn't a good thing, although it does explain your obsession with star wars.