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one down

the handshake

Round 1 is done and DJ's team emerged victorious. It was definitely their best played game all season - for once their fielding, pitching and batting skills all showed up on the same day.

Back to the field tomorrow night for round 2, which will be a bit harder as the team they are facing crushed them twice this season.

Either way, I think this was the most enjoyable spring so far in all the years he's been playing. The coaches were great and the boys had fun. Even when they lost, they had fun. Even when the coach was riding them hard in practices (most of these boys, DJ included, will be trying out for the school team next year), they had fun. That's what I like to see.

And holy hell was it hot out today. Last week I was complaining that it felt like September, and today I'm complaining that it feels like June.


Well, congrats to DJ.

As for hot, at least you aren't at work getting you bee-hinie kicked all over the place by machines that you are positive, absolutely freakin POSITIVE are laughing their silicon based butts off at you.


Oh, the handshake. I remember that: walking past a line of kids, slapping their hands and saying "goodgamegoodgamegoodgamegoodgamegoodgamegoodgamegoodgamegoodgamegoodgame

Yeah, Jake, and it's amazing how the two teams could put such a different spin on those two words. Out of one team, "Good game" sounds like "We whooped your a$$" and the other team makes it sound like ESAD.

Come to think of it, my tuesday night softball league is pretty much the same. My team may not lead the league in wins, but they can't be beat when it comes to bitching about it later.

Plus, I run the grill so the food rocks. To answer Michele from a post last summer, I'm a Hank at home, but I'm a Homer at softball. Cooking on coal at the game is the only way I'm likely to get a homer, so...

(last year, propane vs charcoal, Hank Hill "I sell propane and propane accessories) vs Homer (I'm on fire! I'm on fire!))

Congrats to DJ, and luckily it's looking to cool off for the next week.

I rode 33 miles on my bike today, and my wife did a triathlon and all while it was 90+ degrees. /tired I am.

is dj holding his nuts for any particular reason or more it's so hot my nuts are gonna fall off?

hahah. That's not DJ, that kid's on the other team.

But DJ does go cupless. One of these days he WILL be holding his nuts and I'll just say "I told you so."