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I've added a new set to my Flickr account. I'm telling you, this is addicting. And fun. And practical. Stop by, leave a comment. Though I'm sure you've seen most of these pictures before.

Headed out to the Little League field for Game 1 of DJ's playoffs. All forms of good luck are accepted.


Good luck with the game

- my son's team, the Red Sox, beat the undefeated, 13-0, Yankees in their first round playoff game yesterday.

By way of background, the coach of the Yankees has coached the 10-11 yo team for the past 5 years, holds 3x/week practices, and has more or less rigged the draft so that the kids he wants don't attend the try-outs, and has mostly 11yo players

Our coach keeps it fun, interesting, gets kids who know each other from school.

The Red Sox came out very flat, were depressed because they expected to be crushed, and quickly spotted the Yankees a 6-0 lead after 3 innings.

No walked in runs, but some sloppy fielding - two errors by the best fielding player on our team ... it looked grim.

After 4 innings the score ws 6-2, but the Yankees were fielding well and looked solid.

Then, in the fifth, the Yankee's wheels came off. The pitcher couldn't find the plate very often and when he did our batters finally smacked it. The coach yanked him and put in another pitcher

A couple of clean singles, their players made a couple of 10-11yo fielding errors, and suddenly the score was 6-5.

The Yankees were the home team, they went down in order in the bottom of the 5th

Then came the 6th ... Boston gets two hits, two men on base, the Yankees coach puts in his closer (his 4th pitcher for the game). Our weakest hitters get walked on base. The closer settles down, we make pop-outs - then their closer walks the bases full

My son's at the plate, two outs, ends up with a full count by looking at two pitches that went belt high down the middle. He takes a very close ball
4 and the tying run is walked in.

Our second weakest hitter (the kid that bails out on every pitch that isn't a foot outside) ends up taking a one handed full swing (he put his left hand up to protect his face and swung the bat anyway) that connected and dropped the ball about 10' in front of home plate where it lay.

He's a weak hitter but he's damn fast and he ended up beating the throw to first (the runner on third basically outran the play at the plate to score).

Last out scored.. Boston 7, Yankees 6.

Our team takes the field, it's the middle of the Yankee order - our guy throws 9 strikes and gives up two foul balls.

Red Sox win.

As the the team got their ice cream, the kids were talking to each other about their win - the best line was

"did you see their coach - man, his face was purple!"

Now it's off to play the A's -