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saturday game II: what is this? [updated with answer]

Answer to last game:

Melting marshmallows with red and orange food coloring. I guess you could say some of you got it.


I think I enjoy the purposefully wrong answers as much as correct guesses.

Answer below:



A fist in a wall. Make someone angry lately?

Michele's Sclera 11:45PM

More seriously... that looks like putty in the top left, it's definately a hand and a ratty wall... can I have: "Home plumbing for ten, Michele?"

Tree bark.

View of the ceiling above your bed, while wearing crotchless red flarepants.

upskirt shot of an antique lamp

I had a nightmare about something similar once.

That is so cheap... it was impossible. You can't do that shit, you can't just pick some antique piece of crap from your parents basement, set the camera on macro and expect anyone to make sense of it.

No matter how much pleasure that perky little red nose gave the adolescent Michele, it just ain't right.

[boy, am I glad I didn't go with the reverse goatse guess]

Speaking of, have you seen this:

Haha! Man that is wrong on so many levels.

The placenta is such an under-appreciated organ.