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saturday game: what is this?


Guess what it is. Be specific.

[Answer is on the following post]


It looks to me like its a delicious ambrosia salad.

Holy crap!

You didn't say they removed all the teeth from your jaw and made salsa.

cooked Bagel Bite?

A marshmellow pizza?

Either some kind of marshmallow trail mix or a pile of bloody, pus-drenched teeth.

ambrosia salad, sprinkled with grenadine then broiled for 30 seconds before serving

the ruptured intestine of someone who just ate a plate of ambrosia salad?

Zombie brains?

Spongebob spunk

It's hot cocoa with a HECK of a lot of marshmellows. Tasty.

Debut album cover for "Endoscopic Bleeding Ulcer and the Mini-marshmellows"

So what is it?

Cheese Pizza.