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Flickr Fun

So I finally joined Flckr. I even got a pro account.

Now, tell me all the wonderful things I can do with it because I'm a bit overwhelmed. All you Flickr affficianados, I call on you to give me some tips on navigating around, organization, groups, etc.

Click below to get to my Flickr page.


This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from asv. Make you own badge here.


brilliant. i've convinced some friends to get it too...

looks to me like you've figured out the basics. A really sweet feature is the Notes capability - when you're on a photo's page, click on the "Add Note" button, then you can move the box around to whatever you are highlighting, and type in any text.

That has been used to make Google Maps or Memory Maps but can also be useful for adding captions to pictures.

i'm sure there's more and i'm sure that you'll have plenty of other helpful comments, so i'll shut up now.

I've seen some incorporate Flickr into their blogs, giving them something like a mini photoblog.

I like it because it gives me a place where I can host photos that I don't want to host at my own ISP's webspace -- stuff for "throwaway" images that I want to display on the blog, but don't care enough about to store on my own.

I also like how you can surf people's photos and blog them as well, using the "Blog This" feature. There's a really nifty FlickR gallery, by the way, devoted to Ralph McQuarrie's conceptual art for the original Star Wars trilogy!

Well you need a personalized 48×48 icon. :-) Mebbe this one?

Oh you also need to go to the Your Account page, and scroll down to "Your Own Flickr Web Page", and follow the steps to create one.

That way your site would be flickr.com/photos/asmallvictory or whichever you designate, as opposed to the flickr.com/people/3iubhou43h;ajfd etc.



if you can send email via your camera phone, you can email in photos directly from your camera phone. it works great!


Some observations:

Always upload the full quality image. Do not let Flickr resize it. You have unlimited space, you might as well use it.

Tag, tag, tag. It makes it really easy to find pictures later. Also, provide short descriptions when you think they are called for.

Do your upload/tag/description in batches. Use the upload tools to upload 50 pictures or so, then go through and tag them all, then go through and add notes and/or descriptions.