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hit me baby...

one more time.

Are you watching this? Is it true that Air Supply is going to be on?? And the Knack??

This is AWESOME.


Wow, Arrested Development sounds good.


Thanks to Robyn for the pic of a very bloated Loverboy dude.

Ok, this show delved into suckitude real quick.


No, I'm not watching it. What the heck is it?

Check your e-mail -- I just sent you a, errrr not so small, prezzie of the one you missed! ;-)

Got to love TIVO. Interrupted the Missus watching General Hospital on it and am now recording the show.

A brief glimpse of Flock of Seagull was pretty scary though.

I swear, we're laughing so hard it's going to throw me into labor!

Arrested Development has been good so far.

Arrested Development is the only one of those groups that should still sing in public.

Dude, when did Beldar join a rock band.

Was he good? Did he consume mass quantities?

The cover portion just destroyed the show... But you can bet your sweet bippy I'll be tuned in next week to point and laugh during the first half!

Thank you for posting about it! I would have missed it otherwise. We've really wanted to see this. Sounds like it's going to be good!

What's Lileks doing, infiltrating the 389th best Canadian power-rock band of all time?

I can't wait to build a time machine so that I can tell my mohawk-wearing 18 year old self that some day in the future I would come home from work, put my child to bed and actually enjoy a performance from Tiffany. Of course, then he would shoot himself and cause all kinds of trouble for the time stream.


Looks like Loverboy had one too many meat lover's pizzas during his hiatus.

I heard Tiffany was going to be on.

Did she look hot? Was she naked, like she was in Playboy last year?

The girl almost made me forget Stevie Nicks for about 4 minutes back in the 80's.

NOTHING can make me forget Stevie Nicks.

what is this show? and what were air supply like?

I had tickets to go see the taping of this episode. My wife backed out on my yesterday and I decided not to go. Then I couldn't watch it knowing that I was supposed to be there.

Anybody out here in Los Angeles want to try to go to another taping?

I watched it too. The first part is great, the cover parts suck. I don't think AD should have won thouugh. I hate to admit this, but Tiffany was by far the best one last night. She grew into her nose and her voice was outstanding.

Oh my god, so fat...lmao

We watched about half of it. The show should be more aptly named, something like "lead singers from 80s bands with cheesed out studio musicians in the shadows."

As for Tiffany, she did grow into her nose, and - um - other body parts.

(at least I hope a lot of those were studio musicians)

I am horribly disappointed that I missed Loverboy: The Carbohydrates Years.

As for Flock of Seagulls, feh. Saw that on Band Reunited a couple of years ago.

I thought all the members of Arrested Development looked like black Hobbits (like maybe Hollywood was planning on putting a 'Wiz' spin on Tolkien, 'Fellowship of the Bling?), especially when standing next to the Scottish horse faced lanky doofus hosting the show...

Egad...the loverboy dude looks like John Lithgow in Buckaroo Banzai.

Is that a picture of Kim Jong Il?

Is that a picture of Kim Jong Il?

"I'm so ronery...so ronery..."

I'm pissed off, I only caught the second half, which pretty much sucked. The first half seemed to have all the stuff I wanted; bad bands doing their original bad songs, not even worse covers.

Oh. Gawd. I saw Loverboy at the Texas Jam in the eighties (no, I don't know what they were doing there) and they didn't suck. Unlike Thursday night.

Apparently, Mike Reno ate the other original members of the band.

It pains me to say this, but I too thought Tiffany should have 'won'.

As much as the show sucked, I've got to watch the Knack next week...

Finally caught this on Bravo...

Am I the only one who's reminded of Dr. Weird from Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

Gentlemen.. Behold!

I don't know whether I would go so far as to say she was better than Arrested Development, but Tiffany sounded VERY good. She has a hell of a voice and, contrary to what's been said on other blogs, did NOT off-key, at least not on the first song.

Plus she has big boobies! :-D