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choose your own adventure

Pick a topic for me to write about tomorrow.

If not that, what's your favorite song right now?

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Kidding. Sort of.

I think my allergies have rotted my brain.

Oh, and here's the daily mention of 100 words or Les Nessman. Go. Read. Write.

What's you favorite zombie movie?

Do you think Encylopedia Brown ever shagged Sally?

Apropos of Crank's comment, look at what I can do, from pure memory!

We've got a gorilla for sale
Magilla Gorilla for sale
Won't you try him
take him home and buy him
gorilla for sale
Don't you want a little gorilla you can call your own,
A gorilla who'll be with you when you're all alone?

[magilla: it's the magilla gorilla show. starring me and mr. peebles, and mushmouth and pumpkin puss]

take our advice
at any price
a gorilla like magilla
is mighty nice

magilla gorilla for saaaaaaaaaale

how much is that gorilla in the window?




Best voices?

Best actors/actresses?

List-o-matic, baby.

A list of Franz Liszt pieces?

Which is the better secret from the 70s: Who is Deep Throat or who the hell was Carly Simon talking about in "You're So Vain"?

You could always write on how when we were kids in the 70s we used to wait for that "perfect song" to bring us all together and achieve world peace. Or was that just good mushrooms?

Current favorite song: The Enchanter, Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation.

Favorite song of the moment is a toss up between Ageless Beauty by Stars and Mama by Stephen Malkmus. Yes, I'm an indie rock weenie.

Favorite zombie movie? Dead Alive! A close second is Evil Dead II.

And I'm about 70-80% sure that Encyclopedia Brown died a virgin. So no Sally lovin'

Did you ever do that list of worst lyrics thing? If not...

Favorite Song: Hm. Can't say I have one right at this moment, although that "3 1/2 minutes" thing is catchy enough.

Tree: Mighty Redwood.

Zombie Movie: Night of the Creeps.

And Encyclopedia Brown built a machine that rodgered Sally silly every night so that he could spend his evenings solving mysteries instead.

"You're So Vain" was supposedly about Warren Beatty, Sean.

Right now, I'm obsessing on "Digital Bath," by The Deftones.

Favorite cartoon theme songs. I think I'd go with "Underdog," but I could be forgetting something. Others might prefer "Hong Kong Fooey."

I have always wanted you to write about Wilmer Valderrama.

Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy!

I can't believe you're not live blogging "Hit Me Baby One More Time." Just saying...it's so you.


Crank, he was the number one super guy - faster than the human eye. (I'd love to hear Christopher Walken recite those lyrics, for some reason.)

Anyway, I'd like to see a post on The Best ABC After School Special, Ever.

What you watched when you got off the school bus...
Me -> Speed Racer, Dark Shadows, Ultraman.

Dude, Encyclpedia ws TOTALLY Sally's Bitch. You know that, i know that, Sally's Black Mamba strapon CERTAINLY knows it.

I second clay's suggestion.

Modernhumorist implies that Sally was a lesbian. and if you think about it she is such a bull dyke

Please consider writing about this.

A nerdy kid in 1983 has a bad crush on a female rock singer.

Twenty years later he becomes a dot-com billionaire. For his 40'th birthday party, his company hires the female rock star to sing "happy birthday".

The dot-com billionaire falls in love all over again with her, even though she's 18 years older than him.

He uses all his money and power to woo her. His pursuit of her begins to take on mythical proportions...

Oh, hell forget it...I think I'll write a screen play.

Favourite song right now is Maximo Park - Graffiti and the best cartoon theme tune is from Spiderman.

Which was better?

Les Nessman's description of losing Herb's boat and trailer on the Interstate (that little flag was waving so proudly)?

Or his description of Mr. Carlson dropping the turkeys out of the helicopter into the shopping mall (oh, the humanity!)?

I lean toward the turkey episode. But when Herb was pouring cheap scotch into an expensive scotch bottle, and when asked "what are you doing"?, replied "aging scotch", I am almost persuaded that is the pinnacle of the series.