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i wasn't born with enough middle fingers

After driving to work with Marilyn Manson's Irresponsible Hate Anthem on repeat, I realize I need to find my happy place if I'm going to make it through this day.

Now where the FUCK is my happy place?

Update: I think I found it. I clocked out early, went home, put on my pjs and curled up on the couch with a blanket, a pillow and a fistful of Claritan.


The 7:15 showing of Episode III?

under the bed? that seems to be where to find everything else...

Ummm... Salad Fingers?

Listen to something else when you're driving, girlie.

At the bottom of a liquor bottle?

It's somewhere out in the great big white world. So get your gunn and start asking the beautiful people, because they know it's the last day on earth, your happy place is wrapped in plastic and all you can do is try to please your target audience.

(I would understand if you felt the need to hit me now (; )

I can't believe Marc hasn't listed this here yet:

Squirrel Peanut Hockey. With bonus points for hitting the rodents. Mild, but helpful.

Luke, I am your happy place.

Ew, that just sounds wrong. Never mind.

See, this is why everyone should have "Tommy in Seven Minutes" on their iPod.
http://www.strangereaction.com/archives/2005/05/26/tommy-in-seven-minutes :)

I suggest the page where you can download NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" with only the bad words present. It's sorta like Tourettes with beats, and it makes me laugh my ass off every time.

Scott, that is effin brilliant. Wow. I'm going to listen to that all night.

a fistful of Claritan

Did you crush it up and snort it?

I couldn't. I've been sitting here with the bottle of Nasacort stuffed up my nose.

Buck up, little camper. Soon spring will be but a happy memory as you curse the blistering summer heat...

Sorry. Feel better.

I was wondering what happened to you....


Don't go to your happy place!! Vanilla Ice is there waiting for you!

Scatterbrain by Radiohead. Still downbeat without the hateful kind of manson mood.

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