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It's Officially Summer

Despite what the calendar says, summer has officially begun: the dueling stereo battle with my neighbors is now in full swing.

I'm starting off easy - I just countered their Kenny Loggins with Van Halen.

As soon as they break out the Loverboy, I'm bringing out the Imperial March. That will let them know I mean business.


I'm afraid the neighbors might be winning; the Loggins might have subliminally affected the choice of title for your last post.

Hah. That was K-ROck's fault. They played that song this weekend. Which is a whole other rant.

My hyperdeveloped sense of justice would require a severe beating for anyone afflicting the neighborhood with Loggins and/or Loverboy.

May I suggest the opening theme of "Conan the Barbarian" by Basil Pouledouris?

I can top that. My house is less than 5 minutes from our local city festival this weekend. The featured performer is Loverboy. Not bad enough that I will be in the same zip code, I will be able to hear "Everybody's working for the weekend" from my back yard whether I want to or not.

/points and laughs at Rusty

the only way to battle Loggins is with Loggins. what's he playing? Danger Zone? I'm Alright?

fight back with Footloose. or Playin with the Boys. Maybe some This is It. or Meet Me Halfway (heh).

and really, if you wanna break out the audio WMD's, you could just crank that Air Supply. and sing along.

Your neighbors listen to Loverboy? Lucky.

I got fun - you got deal
You wanna drive then take the wheel
You and me can let it be

Loviní every minute of it

And Rusty, do yourself a favour and go see Loverboy. Mike Reno is now tons of fun (i.e. he got fat and that is funny).

Rusty, the Second Amendment is there for a reason.

The Imperial March works very vell. My neighboors HATE me!....bahahahhah

/watched the trilogy last night starting at 3:30 a.m. ended at 10 this morning.

Oh, btw, THX rocks...esp neighboors stupid dog trying to sleep...it didn't get much last night:-)

I find that cranking up a little Barry Manilow or Clay Aiken always brings a quick truce to the battle of stereos. Of course, mine has to be louder since I have a firepit in my backyard.

ugh, I hope you're all happy ... now I have "Everybody's working for the weekend" stuck in my head!! ack!!

The nuclear option in any stereo battle is "When the Levee Breaks."

My mother-in-law's gay neighbors used to listen to show tunes. Now they listen to techno. At full gay disco blast volume. In their condo. Next door to hers. I offered to come in with some Disturbed, Static X and Rob Zombie and see if we can get them to pee their pants. She's declined. I am secretly going to do it, anyway. REVENGE IS MINE!

Uhh yea...because gay people phear teh rawk.

Bagpipe music. Or Sister Ray turned way up. That'll put a stop to that shit.