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open up and say aaaaaaaaahhhhh


That's freaking Deep Throat? And what's Skeletor doing with him?

Ah, what the hell. Captions welcome.


That's not Skeletor, that's his trophy wife.

Wonder if he's still a big porno fan?

looks like bill clinton at 90. he's demonstrating how he's about to push down on the top of her head.

Damn, Tom Poston, you let yerself go.

That's not a trophy wife, it's a puppeteer. The dude died three years ago.

That's not a puppeteer, that's Mrs. West.

Kirk Douglas ---
How many one-handed push-ups can you do tonight?!

God, I wanna rent the movie just for ole times sake. Linda Lovelace vs. Misty Van Beethoven!!!

Let's not be insulting Skeletor.

Execute Plan 66!

That's not Skeletor, that's former Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner!


Klaatu, birada, Ni-xon

Hey,dig my dad,the amateur dentist.He does all of our teeth.

Should photoshop dollar signs onto her eyes.

"You keep waving, Daddy, or your ass is getting buried in a potter's field."

Marilyn Chambers really aged badly.

Spock's radiation burns were so bad he couldn't even give the "live long and prosper" sign correctly.