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random camera phone picture : I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!11!!!!!

At long last, victory is MINE! Thanks to Robyn, I have the green spoonsaber/lightspoon thing, which means I have them all! I am invincible now. BOOYA! Suck on THIS, Jedi!



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Michele has officially gone off the deep end... Level 3, my ass! This one goes to 11.

Looks yellow to me. That's the color for the Jaundiced Side.

We collected at least seven green and red spoons before we found a blue one. Now we just need to get another blue one in order to stop a two-year-old from murdering a five-year-old at the breakfast table.

You gotta be careful with those spoons, though. The power of the plastic is insignificant when compared to the garbage disposal's power to destroy light saber spoons.

I wasn't going to rub it in...but now you have the green.

My wife and I bought 2 boxes of cereal when we first saw them and we were lucky enough to get one of each.

We fight with them every once and a while.

Yeah. It's yellow.

I continue to blame George Lucas.


Yeah. It's yellow.

It's a damn camera phone.

It's a damn camera phone
My blame of Lucas is unabated.

Dude, what the hell is up your ass today? And to think, I offered you GUINNESS when you were here. Not just beer, but I GAVE YOU MY GUINNESS. And this is the thanks I get? Belligerence? Mockery?

I still haven't gotten over the insult by the name of Jar Jar

Ummm, my kid has had one of these for a couple of weeks. Michele, you have descended far too deep into geekdom...

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