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And After All.....

WONDERWALL? WTF are you people smoking over there across the pond? WONDERWALL??

No wonder that damn frog ringtone is number one on your music chart. You have taste up your arses!



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What, like the German song about the crocodile wasn't evidence enough of a pan-European taste crisis?

Wonderwall is bad enough, but friggin' Stairway to Heaven came in 3rd. All the fine Led Zep songs they could have chosen, but they had to go for the most hackneyed and over-played one.

Wonderwall wasn't even that drunk yobbo Gallagher crew's best tune, never mind the best British song ever.

How did the Irish lose to these jackasses?

I blame George Lucas.

All week, anything really fucked up in the world is HIS fault.


That's it. I'm boycotting something!

Seriously though, I was at a party the other day and the DJ mixed Wonderwall and Green Day's "I walk alone". Both songs are exactly the same chords. It was scary how easily he switched from one to the other. Most people didn't even notice until I told them.

Wonderwall is a great song. Entirely pop, and so, forgettable. While it's a good listen, it certainly isn't the best of all time. Not even in the top 100.

"Stairway to Heaven"? Oh God, spare me the visual of all my stoner friend sitting around palying air guitar to that abomination. I can only echo Leslie's comment.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" Kill me NOW. Oh God, just jam knitting needles through my ears before I have to put up with that crap again. Horrible, just horrible.

"Every Breath You Take" I'll take "Roxanne".

"Let it Be" Let it be "I Saw Her Stading There"

"Imagine" Imagine no pompous marxist millionaires imagining no possessions (for the rest of us). They'll still be in The Dakota counting their money.. After all, they're Important Artists.

(No offense to Lennon's memory. He was a great artist who didn't deserve to get gunned down in the street by some whack job. But his politics were execrable.)

"Going Underground": I prefer "Down In The Tube Station at Midnight", or "Bitterest Pill, or "Town Called Malice", but I can live with that one.

"Bittersweet Symphony". Who knows. This is the same culture that brought us warm beer and Bananrama.

errrr, 'Bananarama'. I'd hate to offend their fan by misspelling that one.

It looks like Virgin Radio is a rather bland safety station (the recurring motto on their web page is "the music we all love"). The survey is probably resultantly skewed in the same way that a survey of Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 listeners would be.

Well, at lest they didn't pick a Beatles song, eh, Michelle?

Me, I like this little band called the Rolling Stones. I know they're not that well known in Britain, but they're a hardworking outfit and about due to break out some time soon.


Only this swanky lounge version by the Mike Flowers Pops is worthwhile (and it is, oddly, catchy!).

I guess you weren't amused by Paul Anka huh? ;)

We should have never stopped at Yorktown; we should have pressed on until York, Durham, London were all American outposts. That way we'd be spared the shame of sharing a language and heritage with these bozos.

You know the worst part? There's so many songs that could have been worse. Where's Robson & Jerome? "2-4-6-8 Motorway?"

The only thing worse than a bad job is a bad job done half-assed.


Best EVER?

Oh my. Well, at least the brother Gallagher will be pleased with themselves. I suppose that counts for...well, absolutely nothing really. Jesus. Wonderwall?

I agree Michele and others here, the list is rubbish. The 10 best english songs are:

Rolling Stones - Street Fightin Man
The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
Beatles - Twist and Shout
Led Zep - Rock and Roll
The Jam - Going Underground
Madness - One Step Beyond
Clash - White Riot
Verve - Sonnet
Stone Roses - Fools Gold
Prodigy - Voodoo People

As a Brit I am touched by the warmth and affection I feel emmanating from these comments. I shall pause whilst I shed a small tear of joy.

Now, I should point out that this poll was constructed by 8300 listeners to a radio station that is hardly listened to by anyone. That is 8300 out of 59.6 million people. Do the maths.

As for the list there are only 3 songs on it I would possibly choose to listen to: Queen, the Jam and the Police.

Beatles: good but overrated
John lennon: crap and overrated
Oasis: not as big as God, but their egos might be.
Led Zeppelin: just never got it.
Verve: depressing shit
Robbie Williams: see Oasis.
The Stranglers: makes me feel melancholy.

Just my opinions...

What a totally commercial list of songs. Its not even the best song by each of the artists listed there.

Plus, there is no Radiohead on that list you stupid Poms !!

(BTW, berating the english is the Australian national sport)

Not a Radiohead fan. Their album, OK Computer, got listed at no. 1 in a recent TV poll for best album on Channel 4 in the UK. Can't stand it myself, but each to their own.

Frank, it's funny how the lesser folk whine so much about their moral superiors (see French and US ;-)).
Just be grateful for all those British criminals or you would not be there now ;-)

At very least "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division


"Blue Monday" by New Order...

pathetic list...Brits are smokin' rope again..

OK, I'm late to this post as usual, so some of the earlier commenters have already made some of my suggestions. I'll forge ahead anyway...

What? No Rolling Stones? Cream? The Who? Pink Floyd?

Another commenter mentioned The Kinks. Good one. And I'll second "Love Will Tear Us Apart"--or just about anything else by Joy Division.

A friend of mine went to college at the University of Scranton (in Pennsylvania for you furriners lurking about) circa 1980. He told me about a local radio station's poll for the Greatest Rock Band Of All Time.

The winner?

REO Speedwagon.


Actually, my family is Italian in origin so they didn't come out with the convicts :)