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A writer's work is never done. Even on a holiday, I came up with 100 words for today's theme which is, well, no theme.

Hope you are enjoying the day.


[deleted by admin]:

Note the person who left this "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" psa in the comments.

I understand that you think your play is important, timely, etc. But leaving your press releases in comments of blog posts is pretty much spamming. Which I frown upon.

I charge for advertising on this site and you can't just drop in here and put your "ad" in here for free.

Had you emailed me and said "can you give this a link," I would have, gladly.

But you chose to be presumptious and rude and therefore, your comment has been deleted.



I hope you repost your first 100 words entry at another time... I liked that one, too.


I am SO enjoying the site.

I'm tempted to post a theme that FORCES her to post it. :)

If it fits tomorrow's theme, I'll post it.

I just didn't feel like being so negative today :0)

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