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awkward moments

You know what's really awkward? When you walk into 7-11 and see someone that looks really familiar, but you can't place him, and then you're both standing by the coffee machine, contemplating all the flavors and suddenly it hits you that you are standing next to the guy gave your first, sloppy handjob to in 7th grade in the closet at Becky's party, with Zeppelin's "No Quarter" on the stereo, and you run for the exit as it finally clicks why that song always makes you break out in hives.

Yea, that's awkward.


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Do you think he looked at your hands and thought "Wonder where I know those from?"

Its moments like these and the *overheard conversation" that always seem to happen in 7-11's.

Our version of 7-11 here in ND is called "Kum & Go" - I kid you not. Imagine having that awkward encounter in a place called that.

Angel, remind me not to buy the milk there.

I'm sorry, but I am having a difficult time imagining you running out of 7-11 over that. Maybe stifling a giggle and trying to avoid eye contact, but not running away.

well, yeah.

course, would have been more embarrassing for me than you.

Even worse if you met him by the mayonnaise.

"Bring out the Hellman's..."


Could've been worse -
could've been a Wawa.

See, this is why in my early, single life, I never spent more than 1 or 2 years in the same place.

Thanks, Michele...trips to 7-11 will be alot more interesting now...;)

You shoulda fought the creamer jug, with a comment like "I can't get any to come out...."

just to see if he'd made the connection

I imagine that for me the scenario would be a little different. I would run into the girl that gave me my first blowjob in the passenger seat of my mom's Plymouth Horizon. If the Irony Gods were smiling, she would be straining on a McDonalds milkshake.

"Wow, 15 years later, same techinque."

Yes, Kum & Go is one of the convenient store chains here. We call the mega-huge fountain drinks there Kum Guzzlers.

But I'd have to say I've never run into anyone who has received a handjob, sloppy or not, from me there.

you coulda asked if he'd grown any since...

mind you, did he ever reciprocate?

Damn, another keyboard shot to hell...

damn. i wish i had gotten some action back in 7th grade.

wait. you didn't mention... did he recognize you?

No Cremora for me, thank you.

Wait! I got it! A new ad campaign for 7-11 hot dogs....." The meats free but ya gotta really work for the sauce!"