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Real Arcade/Real Player has the worst customer service EVER.

Really. EVER. Horrible. They suck. They suckitysucksuck.

Update: Just to clarify, I was using Real Arcade. Got a lot of good games from there. I don't use Real Player for my audio. Or anything else, for that matter.


Real Rhapsody is still charging me 10 dollars a month for a service I don't use. I keep trying to cancel it but no.

I concur.

Not surprisingly, they also have the worst software EVER.

Thanks again, Senator Cantwell.

Sorry...thought everyone knew.

Haven't had the opportunity. Could it really be as bad as AOL in the mid-90's, though?

I'm not too impressed with the software either. Quicktime is much better (and I have a pro key).

You get what you pay for.

Aight, one of my infrequent posts.

Use Winamp and Shoutcast.com.
And "Station Ripper" or some other mp3 stream ripper to "sample" your favorite mp3 streaming radio station.

Here's one you'll love Michelle, http://www.chronixradio.com


I was only using the Real Player for Real Arcade. I don't use that crap for audio.

I did use Real Player for a one time but I lost my sytem disk and was left with 800+ files on a second hard disk I couldn't play because I lost the "security key". Customer Service doesn't understand why they exist in the first place. I stopped using it