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Boycott the boycotts!

Yes, yes, I've heard about Trent Reznor and his anti-Bush crusade. I heard about the MTV thing.

Let me say this in a way so you can understand it, clearly and without questions: I. DO. NOT. CARE.

I hate, hate, hate when people expect me to boycott/ignore/protest against an artist I like because of their political leanings. I like to be entertained. Trent Reznor entertains me. He could be a card carrying commie for all I care, I like his music, just like I like Johnn Depp's movies, just like I prefer Heinz ketchup to any other kind, just like I still bought all the LotR movies even though Viggo is my political opposite.

Between the people wanting to boycott Revenge of the Sith because they read anti-Bush statements into it (I have to find the link to that site) and now people emailing me to tell me how they're never going to listen to Nine Inch Nails again, I'm about to blow a gasket.

I don't do boycotts. Got it? I don't care how big of a raging asshole my favorite entertainers can be. As long as they keep making quality music/movies/books that are pleasing to me, I'll keep buying their stuff and ignoring whatever ranty tirades they want to go off on.

Not only that, but the new NIN album is really growing on me. I'm GLAD I spent the money on it.

And I think this all begs the real question: Who the hell watches MTV anymore?


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Amen, sister.

I'd sooner boycott Reznor for not releasing the Tapeworm recordings.

I don't listen to NIN because I can't listen to Downward Spiral without it giving me a raging anger headache...long story.

But I'm the same way. Don't care which political party/point of view is their hobby, I care how well they do their job which is to entertain me.

that's it. i have to boycott you now.

I boycotted Ted Nugent. Then I found out his political leanings, and boycotted him even more.

Agreed. I'll boycott some products or stores in an extreme case, but usually halfheartedly (e.g., I didn't drink French wine for a long time over the Iraq war). But artists being nutty leftists . . . I mean, is the Pope Catholic?

I'm with you, Michele. If I boycotted everyone I disagreed with politically, I'd be left with little more than country music, Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent

The only time I "boycott" an artist because of political leanings is when I remove one of their songs from my iTunes because it includes some sort of stupid rant/political diatribe for lyrics. Ani DiFranco does this with several of her songs and poems, and I wish she'd just leave it at the office.

Why, oh why, do these entertainers feel the need to spew their personal guilt on us? Use the music to do that and then the decision to listen is up to us.

Respectfully, I agree. Who cares how they feel about politics, culture and life. BUT...once they choose to use the same microphone they use to entertain us in a live "performance" as a soapbox for their favorite cause (without warning) they lose me as a paying customer. Forever. Like this:


The same goes for politicians who feel that they have the talent to entertain us. John Ashcroft's singing comes to mind. Who can forget Lee Atwater doing Elvis? (wretch)



I'm boycotting [with_teeth] (how cyber, he used brackets and an underbar!) because it sounds like high school kids trying to do NIN covers...but that's just me. ;)

Seriously, I can't stand that record. I'd rather be lectured by Garafalo and Franken for a week. Other than that...screw boycotts, who has the time?

Trent Reznor is anti-Bush? I thought (based upon no evidence whatsoever except that I wanted to keep being able to sing "I want to fuck you like an animal" in the shower without feeling like I'm peeing on Baby Jesus) he was a nice Republican boy! [/NIN BOYCOTTER]

I mean really. So Reznor doesn't like Dubya, die of fucking shock. It's not like his entire career is based on being artfully anti-social or anything like that. Did you (I am addressing the NIN boycotters) think that "Closer" was written about Dick Cheney?

You know what I think? I think anyone who is a diehard Rethuglican LOVRZ R 4 BUSHie bumpersticker collector was never all that into Nine Inch Nails in the first place; I'm thinking there isn't a copy of Pretty Hate Machine sitting on their cd rack next to the Shania Twain collection. I could be wrong, but that's what I suspect.

Who's Trent Reznor?

Shawn - I'm right behind you brother. No release of Tapeworm? I will not purchase another album.

Did I mention I bittorrent'ed with_teeth on release day?

I am, however, boycotting Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky, but not because I liked their art and then they were political, but because their art IS their politics.

I'm a grudge-holder, myself, so boycotts were made for me--only, I have trouble with the execution.

First, I'm absentminded, so remembering more than one or two items to be boycotted at a time is impossible for me.

Second, I'm frugal, so if something I'm supposed to be boycotting comes cheaper than the socially-sanctioned competitor's version, there ends my boycott.

Third, it takes a lot to work me up to the boycott level of outrage in the first place. I have enough to be pissed off about in my daily routine without baring my fangs because Reznor wants to use an "unmolested straightforward image" of the President as his backdrop while performing. Sheesh, what a nothing that is--he didn't even threaten to slash it up or draw swastikas on it or set it on fire or ANYTHING. Trent, Trent, you pussy!

Now I think of it, I'd rather boycott MTV for being almost 100% music-free anymore. Wait, I already do that.

But you know what I'd never do? I'd never tell SOMEONE ELSE what to boycott. I can't think of anything pushier than telling someone else what they shouldn't buy . . . well, nothing pushier that doesn't involve religion.

That's what I like about Ted Rall--you can boycott him without giving anything up.

Dave Grohl did some shows for Kerry, but I'm far more concerned about double albums being where good bands go to die (example: GnR), and the first single isn't helping that feeling.

Dave Grohl could be best friends with Wesley Clark and I wouldn't care.

But that new single - makes me freaking itchy, it's so bad.

I am sure Bush could give a flaming rats ass what anyone thinks of him.

Why should we? Just listen to the music, watch the friggin movies, ignore Poli Crap.

Love the site. More Lists' please.

If you like the music, listen to it. We have to remember that people are people, so is Reznor. The fact that he may sell a lot of albums does not make him an authority on anything of any sort. Artists that make political statements or statements of any sort on an area outside their expertise make themselves a target for people who take them seriously.

I don't take them seriously. Reznor's opinion as well as the opinion of all artists counts for zero with me unless they back them up with credentials.

Currently listening to Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz. I can't get this song out of my head. The 2 year old likes it too.

So, are you saying that you are boycotting boycotts?

Me personally, I boycott the boycotting of boycotting boycotts.

So...you're boycotting boycotts. Hmmm...At least there's ONE boycott you support. ;-)

I agree with you in principle. Unfortunately, I'm too shallow for principles, most usually. Shut up and sing, already.

Pretty much all musicians and actors are rabid left-leaning morons with no concept of how "the other half" lives. If you boycotted all of them, there wouldn't be much left for you to watch or listen to.

I love rock & roll. I'm not entirely disinterested in politics, but the idea of not listening to a band I love because I differ with them on political issues is so entirely foreign to me, I really can't fathom it.

Obviously many people do place politics ahead of art. For their sake, I hope watching their favorite politicians gives them the same sort of intense joy I get from seeing my favorite bands but somehow I kinda doubt that's the case (for the vast majority, anyway).

I boycotted French products until I could no longer eat Canadian goat cheese (as if Canada is any better, anyway) and I try not to be Chinese goods because I don't like that whole supporting a Commie govt. thing. But musicians? Whatever. I wish they wouldn't be political but I expect them to be leftists. What're you gonna do.

I try not to buy Chinese goods.

Yeah, ok, except for Mel Gibson. Because some raging assholes are just too ...

I think people who get all up in arms about how the "rabid left" has no concept of how "the other half" lives should consider that the phrase "other half" suggest that in fact YOUR SIDE is only half, too. And that YOU have no concept of how the other "other half" lives, either.

All this over a musician who wanted to use a picture of the President as a backdrop and maybe express a political opinion. Will you be boycotting Toby Keith next?

id have to agree with you there honey
im about as anti bush as they get
well the president kind
not the you know what kind
but my real estate broker is about as pro bush as they get
and hes GASP gay
i know
a true blue log cabin boy
the only time
i boycott is when the person or
company in question
is guilty out and out anti-humane act
or discrimination
for instance
in the i guess it was the 80's
as a bartender
i boycotted COORS beer
for their anti-gay
but if you're gonna start boycotting
in terms of who is or is not
pro bush
you're gonna be boycotting
half of everything
cause this country is
pretty close to divided in two on this subject
i just hope
i dont hear any talk about
the confederates
and the yankees
putting on uniforms again
then again
this time round
it would be more like
reds and blues

your site is rocking my dear
have not visited in a while
glad to see your chutzpah
is still in full bloom

Trent is a leftie arsehole...wow shock there. Course it sort of ruins his rebel cred to be going with crowd and being an idiotic Bush-hating sheep. But oh well.

I even listen to Audioslave despite the fact I think Tom Morello is a terrorist supporting a-hole...however I will never ever listen to RATM. That is not just because of politics; its because their music absolutely dire.

I have to say I listen to Ted Nugent, even thought some of his stuff is rather dire, because of his principled stand for what he believes in. (Oh yeah and he declared me his blood brother at I sent him a copy of Statism Sucks! Ver. 2.0 which he read!)

I think it can get pretty boring to boycott every annoying leftie musician (ie almost all of them) but it is a good idea to support musicians who are actually on the right. They take enormous professional risk by doing so and should be applauded.

If people only listened to pro-Bush music, they'd be stuck listening to crap like Toby Keith and that other guy who sang "Did You Forget" or whatever it was called. Ugh city.

To me, that's no different than the overly simplistic anti-Bush stuff (and that comes from somebody who is very anti-Bush). Different side of the same coin. It all sounds like a 12 year old writing rants for a junior high history class.

Amen, Michelle.

I can add only two words:

Billy Bragg

I simply steal the music when they make idiotic comments. It's more pragmatic that way. That way, the idiot might actually have to see how the other 99% of us live (you know, like on a budget) AND I still get to hear what I want. Seriously, it's the only music I steal.