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I managed to eke out 100 words on today's sci-fi theme, even though I do not write sci-fi, ever. So it's decidely un sci-fi-ish, though keeping with the theme, I think. Follow?

Eh, whatever. I tried.


If you're so tired, I'll just send you my extra words. Heh.

Err, wait...you'll see Episode III multiple times, but you won't write sci-fi?

Yea, I know. Crazy.

Nice title.

Yeah - judging by its rating so far, I'd say your foray into sci-fi is a huge flop...

Dang it, so many of us struggle for hours for just the right words, and you just "yadda yadda" an attempt that's beautifully written.

Jealous? No, why do you ask?

I'm impressed. I thought the theme today was very difficult.

I wish I had your discipline when it comes to writing...