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i.trip, u.trip, we.trip

So I'm cruising along in my car, minding my own business and rocking out to the iPod.

Suddenly, my music changes. Some guy singing about his sombrero has taken over the station I transmit my iTrip through. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the guy in the car next to me bopping along in time to this sombrero song. Dude stole my pod station! Somehow, his iTrip or whatever he was using was more powerful than mine and usurped the supposedly empty station I was using.

I frantically waved my pod around in the air, as if that would help overcome my reception problems. Aha! The red light came on and my own music took over. I looked to the left and the sombrero guy was fiddling with his stereo and looking really horrified. Score! My iTrip overpowered his!

I hope he enjoyed loving you was like fucking the dead as much I enjoyed Ay, mi sombrero. Probably not, from the looks of it.


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hahahaha! that's hilarious. an iTrip duel.

i can see this becoming some sort of fad. people will soon be modifying their iTrips to make them more powerful. soon, they'll be able to drown out real radio stations...

it'll be anarchy.

Heh, I've already heard about roadcasting, which allows you to broadcast to cars around you. I guess early adoption is underway.

HAHAHAH Are you kidding me?! I didnt know you could catch other people stations from the next car over!
Maybe that's why I've been getting weird looks...

Remove the little rubber things on the end of the iTrip...just doing that frees up some power. You can also hack it a little and increase the coverage/strength with an external wire.

Illegal but fuuuuun. ;)

oh good lord that's hysterical.

thanks for the laugh.

And I do recall reading about booasting an iTrip signal somewhere...

possibly here?

I THOUGHT this sounded familiar!

(That's Tanya's comment, btw...)

That is too funny. I got XM radio a while back, and have just been waiting for this exact situation to unfold. Hilarious!

New fad?

Hell I did this back in high school in 1984.

I won't go into the tech details, but I would cruise around Renton in my VW Rabbit and blot out KISW 100 FM, which 85% of the cars were listening to.

God, I'm old.

The force is strong in this one....

Hell, I remember the days when I could use a Mr. Microphone to do this ;)

I need something similar to the iTrip for my JetAudio M3L. Anyone know of a generic iTrip?

Hahaha, that's classic.

How long do you think before we hear about the first iTrip hijacking related freeway homicide?

That's great. Thanks for the laugh.

Outstanding. Someone needs to coin a word for this, quick.

Someone needs to coin a word for this, quick.

Up until two seconds ago, I had never heard of an iTrip (I only barely know what an iPod is). We had to google it up.

Nevertheless, the word, of course, is "iJacking". Thank you.