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This Day in ASV history

It was one year ago today that we became home owners.

We still haven't finished unpacking. There are boxes piled up in the garage, still swathed in packing tape, the magic marker scrawlings all faded.

We finally - this week - got the curtains we really like in the living room. We're still hanging with the mediocre crap in the kitchen and bedroom.

The bathroom is still unfinished.

The driveway still needs to be repaved and the walkway that goes to the back yard needs to be ripped up and redone.

The office windows are still sealed in plastic wrap, waiting to be replaced.

There's a box of junk in my bedroom that's been sitting there since we moved in. There are books that haven't been moved on to shelves and pictures that haven't been hung on the walls. There are crates filled with trinkets and mementos that have yet to be sorted, placed or stuffed in the attic.

What the hell have we done in the past year?

I'll tell you what I haven't done. I haven't killed the Japanese Maple. I haven't broken an appliance or set the kitchen on fire. I haven't spilled red wine on the wood floors or dropped something heavy enough to chip the tile floor in the kitchen.

I have kicked a hole in the bathroom door. Long story.

We've had several parties (most of them Nat's) and bought a year's worth of holiday decorations. We've paid nearly $20,000 in mortgage payments and a few thousand dollars to heat and electrify this thing.

And we still haven't finished unpacking yet.

[Did I mention that we are really, really happy here? That there is nothing like a home of your own, craptastic as it may seem at times? I probably should have mentioned that]


Congrats and happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary, but take it from someone who moved (and got moved) a lot: You don't really live accept that you live there until all old junk is unpacked (or even better, thrown out).



"Never wear lower heels, longer skirt, or less of a smile than you can afford."

Very cool.

I should be getting a closing date on the house we're buying anyday now, I'm sure I'll empathize with what exactly "home ownership" is all about.

In the interim though, I've found I've lost all desire to clean my rented apartment.

Happy anniversary!
Glad to see you got the polar bears off the roof...
...And that creepy neighbor guy has stopped circling your house on his bicycle.

Coincidentally, I ran across a site that may provide display tips for your growing SW collections and other things you may still have lying around in boxes.

Just keep clicking "next" for a nearly infinite array of options.

I can't make out if he's a level 3 or 4 Dr. Who collector.

First, happy anniversary... Second, damn we have lived here in North Carolina for going on 15 years now and still haven't unpacked 1/3 of our stuff. So, you're doing pretty good in my book -- LOL!

God bless this home.

Some more I mean, thank you.

We closed on our first house three months ago yesterday. Now I don't feel quite so bad about all the stuff that needs doing that we haven't gotten around to yet.

Happy Anniversary!

Congrats on the anniversary. The beginning of May marked our third year in our house, and we still have boxes piled in the basement that have not yet been unpacked, and the backyard is a bloody mess that won't be fixed until I commandeer a platoon of illegals and raid Home Depot's lawn and garden department.

Don't feel bad about the unpacked boxes. Your "welcome to your new home" card is still on our kitchen table! ;-p

You know, that's a pretty unassuming suburban exterior. I wonder what people think if they knew the blogs that went on in that house.

Happy anniversary.

>>You know, that's a pretty unassuming suburban exterior. I wonder what people think if they knew the blogs that went on in that house.

Torches, mobs, the whole deal, I'm sure. :)

Conrats on the anniversary...and thanks for making me feel even less bothered that I haven't re-assembled my dining room table from my move two months ago. Or even excavated it from under half empty boxes. Or done the dishes since...ooo, er, you didn't mention dishes, did you?

Well, it's all good, just the same...

Wind Rider, you're such a dork.

Don't feel bad Michele. I still have boxes that I haven't unpacked from moving to Panama in 1992. I have no idea what's in 'em, but it's got to be something good.

Seven years ago we moved into this new house, we built with our own two hands, we put in electrical, plumbing, sheetrock, beaded board ceilings and many walls, etc. Anyway, the closets aren't finished on the inside, the bedroom doors were fiberglass sealed in white and still are, but IT'S WONDERFUL. And at 68 I'm not sweating "getting it finished". It would be nice... but last summer we went to Australia for a month, we have had two vacations in our travel trailer this year and on June 7 we leave for Scotland.
ENJOY YOU HOUSE, ENJOY YOUR LIFE. It passes very quickly. Don't sweat the small stuff. Unpacked boxes are small stuff. We have plenty of them.

It took us 5 years after we moved in to our house to unpack. I wouldn't sweat it.

owning a homes great isn't it

We're approaching year our sixth anniversary and I'm sure we have a few boxes left from when we moved it, though none are upstairs. That's what basements are for...

Don't feel bad, we had the five dollar Home Depot paper shades up in our sun room for five years while we figured out what to do with that room.

Been in our house for 15 months and have an attic full of boxes yet to be unpacked. Your house looks great! Happy Anniversary!