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ordering II

For Hubris

Police Academy 1
Leonard Part 6
Baby Geniuses
From Justin to Kelly
Freddie Got Fingered
Any Uwe Boll movie
Cool as Ice
Batman and Robin
Speed 2
It's Pat
Patch Adams
Manos, Hands of Fate
Arthur 2
Battlefield Earth
Police Academy 2
Police Academy3
Police Academy 4
Police Academy 5
Police Academy 6
Police Academy 7


My brother and I saw Leonard Part 6 in the theater twice when it came out. We thought it was genius. After the movie finished, we were hoping against hope that parts 1 through 5 were available on video somewhere, and that we'd just missed them.

Bwaahahaha [that is the actual laugh I had in this case]. You're the best - love the Manos, Hands of Fate inclusion.

And Ishtar deserves the number 2 spot, if only because of that "I'm Leaving Some Love In My Will" song.

I actually saw Baby Geniuses. It made me claw at my face until it bled. Of course, I still watched the whole thing.

...and I wonder if you'll lure any Level 3 fans (e.g. "I can't believe you're overlooking Bobcat Goldthwait's incredible dramatic arc in Police Academy 3: Back in Training.

But Police Academy had Kim Cattrall back when she was sexy.

Heh. I'm not at all sure that the Police Academy films declined monotonically, though, and am fairly certain that at least half of them were better than Batman and Robin.

Where does Baby Geniuses 2 fall in, though?

I've got an ALMOST clean slate. I've seen two on the list. I feel almost pure. I did, though, see Jabberwocky as a child, and I don't think I'll ever recover from that.

This is the strangest "favorite movies of all time, honest to God" list I've ever seen.

Seek help!

I've never seen Battlefield Earth, but you know, I read the book as a teenager and it was pretty good.

Crank, reading any of L. Ron's novels without the benefit of the Oh-My-God-What-A-Loony prism you obtain later in life is a different experience. I liked Battlefield Earth, too. Try reading it now and it'd be different. Putting a True Believer in charge of the movie was a train careening toward disaster.

Kazaam is my personal standard for judging bad movies. Was it as bad as Kazaam? Maybe I should develop a Kazaam Scale. Kazaam=1.0K. Movies worse than Kazaam have a score greater than 1.0K. Movies better have a score less than 1.0K.

Can I nominate Space Pirates?

"It's like Speed 2, only on a bus instead of a boat!"

But...I liked Jabberwocky.
Is that so wrong?

I was young, and it scarred me. I think, by the time the film was over, we were the only ones who hadn't walked out. I had no choice in the matter, being a child.

you liked gigli?

Worst series ever: Porky's I, II, III

So is the premise behind Leonard Part 6 the same as Malcolm X? If so, I eagerly await Malcolm I through IX.

If you think Baby Geniuses was bad, try sitting through Baby Geniuses 2: Superbabies!

Now, try it without seeing the first one.

I was, like, totally lost.

Dave at Garfield Ridge

You forgot that stuart saves the world movie, Al Franken-stein's monster.

The Contender (so bad it's good--spent the second half of the movie LMAO).

Traffic (amazingly, this film won some sort of special Academy Award for the script).

Might I add Pluto Nash to the mix?

Worst movie I can recall was "Only You" with Marisa Tomei and Bonnie Hunt (Robert Downey was in it too, but - and this is the only time my wife and I have ever done this with a rented movie - the film was so bad we turned it off before he even appeared).