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The answer to the most asked question in my inbox:


Subject to change: With further viewings 3 may surpass 4, and 2 - seen in the context of 3 - may move ahead of 6.


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I can't believe that the answer to number X wasn't 8, unless you forgot to carry the eleven1ONEONE11, then of course it's what you said it might have been in the 1st place last time.

getting thru the initial caffiene rush of the day



When you get your caffiene and realize what the post really was, you may want to delete it. ;)


6 could NEVER be ahead of 2.

While 6 has obvious flaws, it also has some stellar moments, including some great scenes between Vader and Luke.

I've let go of some of my Ewok hatred by killing them in Battlefront.

In hearty agreement about placing 5 first. It's nice to see the bad guy win every now and then.

I'm interested in how you rank Police Academy 1-7 (assuming you count Mission to Moscow - "Kicking buttski. Making you laughski. The Academy is backski!" - as 7).



Hayden Christiansen couldn't act his way out of a paper bag armed with a chainsaw, but I'll take his glower over Mark Hamill's whininess. The tragic thing is, think what 3 could have been if Lucas had let someone else take the reins like he did in 5.

I think the highest praise one can give to 3 is that it made 1 and 2 much better once certain plot points are put in context. Unlike 4-6, you really need to see them as a coherent whole. Like I plan to do with I-VI in a Geekathon once III is out on DVD and I buy the SuperMegaExtended Platinum Edition Box Set for $500.


And they should be viewed: 4-5-6-1-2-3-4-5-6-1-2-3...ad infinitum.

4, 5, 6, 3, 2, 1. Nothing tops 4. Nothing. (I preferred 6 to 5 at the time - more good guys winning, less icky romance - but I was 11). I could be persuaded that 3 tops 6, but I have to see it again, preferably without the kids or on DVD (i.e., so I don't miss anything this time). Coming in behind 5 and 6 is no shame at all.

In retrospect, Lucas should have cut the Phantom Menace story down to a half-movie, the way Coppola did with the DeNiro part of Godfather II. If you cut out the Gungans and the whole blow-up-the-droid-control-ship bit and cut the pod race sequence (which was fun but unnecessary) in half, you get the crucial plot and action sequences and have half a movie left over to introduce Whiny Teenage Anikin, half a movie that could have been used in the next movie to flesh out the Clone Wars.

BTW, I agree with Gary Farber that Lucas shouldn't have cut that scene where Padme commits to the Rebellion - it would have given her character something to do besides pine after Anikin, and would better have illustrated why she could never have taken sides with Palpatine.

4 better than 5!

Crazy, you are.

Oh nevermind, I'm an idiot that read that all ass-backwards.

Hah. Never. He could put out 20 more movies and nothing would take the place of 5.

5,4,3,6,2,1 - though a case can be made for the visceral reaction to 4 outweighing the better story in 5. 2 and 6 could switch places and I wouldn't be disappointed.

At least we're not getting 3,1,4,5,2,6 (insert pi joke here).

5, 3, 4, 6, 2, 1

so, how about you rank all the Breakin' movies? which was better, Breakin', or Breakin' II: Electric Boogaloo?

I'd also go 543621. (just got back from seeing 3, in fact) I'm also really happy (now) that I sat through the Clone Wars marathon a couple weeks ago.

The one bright spot to Lucas' remastering of the original trilogy was that he cut out the damned teddy bear picnic at the end of "6". Otherwise, I'd put "2" ahead of it.

By quality: 5 3 4 6 1
Guilty favorites: 4 2 3 6 5 1

2 might not have aged as well since I watched it last (I'll be joining a complete saga marathon this weekend, so we'll find out.) Going to my fourth viewing of 3 tonight, and god it's hypnotic. :)


Nothing like the original, there is. (Even if the one who said like this not was in that movie.)

Crank: re Hayden on Orlando Bloom - burn!


I haven't seen any of the others. Mind you, the trailers looked pretty.


Yeah, that's right.