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Idol Chatter

I should read all my email before I post in the morning. Apparently people need to know what I think of Carrie winning American Idol.

I'm a little disappointed, but not shocked. I think it was determined a long time ago that Carrie would win. You may be one of those people who believes in the integerity and honesty of the entertaiment industry, but I gave up that ghost before I even stopped belieiving in the tooth fairy.

While I think the viewers' votes count up to an extent, I do think that the producers of the show have a lot to say about who gets to wear the crown and Carrie was the perfect choice for this year. Let's face it - after a whole year of looking at Clay and Reuben as the ulitmate Idols (I know Reuben won, but I think of Clay as the co-winner in a way), the AI team must be creaming their pants in anticipation of the revenue Carrie will bring them from posters and glossy photos alone. They've got a beautiful woman with bodacious tatas to trot around for a full year in the name of their show.

Can she sing? I always found her to be nasally and pitchy, but I'm not a big fan of the country twang to begin with. She certianly doesn't have the stage presence or charisma of Bo, but she's got the wholesomeness and I'm sure the AI people would much rather a winner that doesn't have coke-snorting skeletons in their closet.

My predictions for some of the contestants: Carrie will be singing at state fairs within two years. Bo and Constantine will have a reality show on VH1. Vonzelle will prove to be the sleeper of the pack, and will become a star. Nadia will appear in Playboy in the near future and make a couple of B horror movies. Mikalah will get her own talk show, but no one will notice, much like Tony Danza's show. Scott will settle into a double-wide with a fan who sent him a pair of worn panties. Anwar will never be heard from again, which I think is just what he wants. Anthony will record a song with Clay Aiken and John Stevens and they'll have to wear name tags so people can tell them apart. Jessica and Lindsey will star as a tandem in Backdoor Sluts, Volume 10.

My semi-drunken live blog of the show can be found here.

Update: I should add that the absolute hightlight of the show was the Dirk and Hasselhoff moment.


Its not the slightest bit shocking the rocker didn't win. After all why not select another cookie cutter bimbo singer? The clip they showed of her on Fox this morning featured her singing off key. I suspect, however, that Bo will have a far longer career than Carrie.

And will Dirk and David Hasselhoff live happily ever after?

Hahah that was totally the most enjoyable moment of the show.

Boo Nay.

Bo Bice was way better. Carrie is girly enough to get her own Cletus someday, but her performances are pale and insipid in comparison to her runner-up's.

I could't stand him at first, but his singing wore me down 'til a Skynard cover seemed like something I might buy. Which is saying something.

Michele, agree about the climactic Hasselhoff moment.

How odd that I am still the only one I know that was surprised that Bo even made it into the top five. Oddly enough, I thought that all of the judges, for the past four weeks, have been setting him up as the official winner.

Admittedly I did not watch last night, as I enjoy the show, but would not consider my self a "fan" as it were. However, after watching the previous three episode and the comments that all three judges made about Bo, I am truely surprised he did not win.

And just for the record, Carrie is a way better singer than Bo could hope to be, but Bo has definately got the personality it takes to make it in the music industry.

Joke I heard this week: David Hasselhoff calls his agent and demands, "I want everyone to call me The Hoff from now one." His agent replies "Sure! No hassle."

RR are you insane? That Carrie woman looked like she was taking a crap when she was trying to emote. There was nothing there that was the slightest bit original or interesting. Bo on the other hand looked like he was having a good time up there sanging. I am glad you agree that Bo has got a future in the biz. I see

What about Mario?

i don't know - i was laughing pretty hard when they were doing the spoof on the corey clark thing. that tops the hasslehoff bit, IMO.

I'm just pissed I didn't watch so I could see Bo jamming with Skynyrd.

In the latest twist, according to Fox at least, Bo is winning the record sales contest both with his single and his forthcoming album (its number 1 pre-order on Barnes & Noble.com).

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