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Having problems with the brain today. Seems I'm not sleeping very much, and when I am sleeping, I'm doing some heavy lucid dreaming, so I wake up just as exhausted as if I never slept.

Question for this morning: My buddy Todd mentions that I do an awful lot of movie and music lists, but I never do book lists. I think book lists are hard for the simple reason that people rarely re-read books, at least not in the way that we watch the same movies over and over again or listen to the same albums every day. If I were to do some posts on books, what kind of lists/surveys would you like to see, besides the obvious Best Book Ever thing?

I did manage (even with a half working brain) to get my 100 word story up today at Les Nessman (remember, the authors appreciate feedback/ratings. And one of our authors is an illegal immigrant smuggler!). Not only was the theme inspiring, but I was also inspired by recent repeated listenings to Play Crack the Sky by Brand New. I'm so smitten with this song that it's my song of the day - you can download it here. Words here.

And that's all I got this morning. 7am and I need a nap already.

Wait, I have a couple of links for you:

Nature has started a fictional weblog about the avian flu pandemic. Fascinating reading.

And here's Dracula Blogged, Bram Stoker's vampire novel, published by its own calendar. Read the comments as well.

[both links via MeFi]

26 May 2005
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It's not "the greatest book ever" or anything, but if you want to know how fragile humankind is every time you read a story about the flu, read "The Great Inflenza" by John Barry. It'll scare the shit out of you.

Posted by spd rdr on May 26, 2005 07:43 AM

I am one-and-a-half illegal immigrant Mexican narcoterrorist gunrunners.

I have now become a firm believer in both Racial and Mathematical profiling. I look forward to the day that an individual white Jewish male never gets mistaken for one-and-a-half illegal immigrant Mexican narcoterrorist gunrunners ever again.

Posted by Laurence Simon on May 26, 2005 08:07 AM

How about "what books to you re-read in the way that people watch the same movies over and over again?"

Posted by SarahW on May 26, 2005 09:20 AM
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