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It's all over now

Imagine that someone starts telling you a story. It's a made up story, one you've never read in a book before. He tells you the tale in installments, a little at a time - maybe he starts in the middle and then later on fills you in on the beginning. Imagine that he takes 28 years to tell you the whole story. How do you feel when it finally ends, when he closes the book and says it's over?

I am suffering from PSWDD (Post Star Wars Depression Disorder). I realized this morning that it is really, finally over. Sure, there will be books and comics and possibly tv shows. But the movies, the big screen excitement, is all done.

In 1998 we had a fish named Boba Fett. Boba got sick and we flushed him down the toilet. I told the kids that it was just like Boba Fett going into the Sarlacc pit and that someday he, too, might find his way out.

Yes, my obsession runs deep (though not deep enough to be Level 3). But it's about more than naming fish after the characters or spending $120 on a lightsaber. It's about the story.

This fairy tale, this space opera, this swashbuckling adventure or whatever you want to call it has been slowly unraveled over the course of 28 years. In the time since I first laid my eyes on an imperial star destroyer until last week when the final credits to Revenge of the Sith rolled down the screen, the world has changed. My life has changed numerous times. I graduated high school, went to college, got married, had two kids, got divorce, got married again, bought a house. I grew up. And even with the long gaps in between chapters, I never forgot about it and never let it go. Sure, I put my Burger King Luke Skywalker glasses away and the Vader helmet collected dust in the attic, but the stories themselves never left my heart. Like I've done with the books I have loved over time, I kept the characters in my heart and mind because their stories were interwoven with my life. Yoda and Han were right in there with Kay from The Snow Queen or Lucy, Edmond and Peter. And just as I was saddened when I closed the last of the Narnia books, I am a bit sad now, that a story so long in the making and so glorious in its telling has come to an end.

It's like someone just walked into a room and said "Ok, time to put the toys away and grow up now!" No, I don't want to. You can't make me.

I'm having a serious case of PSWDD. I hate the sound (imagined or not) of a good book slamming closed.


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Boba Fett found his way out of the Sarlacc pit? I don't remember that; of course, I'm not the Star Wars scholar you are.

I've heard there are going to be three more sequels -- actual sequels, not "pre-sequels" or whatever the hell the last three movies were.

Shasta, he blew himself out of the pit with a concussion grenade. The "Tales of the Bounty Hunters" books explain it all.

Andrea, I heard that Lucas nixed that idea.

well, we can all be kids a little while longer in December.....Narnia comes out! I can't wait! I remember reading those books in elementary school. Now i will have to purchase them or go to the library to brush up!

In a few decades your great-grandchildren will be screaming at the blogpaper because Lucas' company is teaming up with Disney lawyers to have trademark and copyright expirations abolished, preventing open-source authoriship and derivative works by talented third-party producers and writers.

I'm pretty sure that the original idea was for three sets of three movies, with the sequence being 4-5-6-1-2-3-7-8-9. I guess Lucas decided he doesn't have the energy to do the last three, but at least there is still some hope that the story isn't finished...

Last I heard, Lucas was saying there would be no more movies as the story was about Anakin's rise, fall, and redemption. With Anakin's death and the fulfilling of the prophecy, the main story ends in ROTJ.

Of course, Lucas also said that he wasn't going to make Episodes 1-3 either. In 15-25 more years will they throw enough money at him to change his mind? Who knows, but I really don't know where the story would even go.

Just imagine how you'd feel if he shredded the book and burned it right in front of you (Ep #1).

>>Shasta, he blew himself out of the pit with a concussion grenade. The "Tales of the Bounty Hunters" books explain it all.

I distinctly remember seeing him fly out using his jet pack...

I've been filling the void by returning to play Star Wars galaxies after a year off. I'm sure I'll get burned out again before long, but it's fun right now.

And for the record, I'm a Level 2.5 MMORPG geek, but only a level 2 Star Wars Geek.

MM, if the additional films were made, I assume it would somehow involve the re-emergence of the Jedi, with Luke reforming the Jedi Order. But this has already been dealt with extensively in the books, comics, and video games I believe.

To be honest, I hope Lucas just lets it lie. Although he redeemed himself in the final hour of Episode III, I still consider the first two prequels to be disappointments. He's just not the storyteller that he once was, in my opinion.

Of course, nothing will ever live up to the first scene in Episode IV, as seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old. :)


Or even a 22 yr. old!

My only imagining for a continuing story would be about Leia and Han's kids. But even that is now being explored in the books.

Also keep in mind there was a very good reason that Lucas started with Episodes 4,5 and 6. Even he thought they were the best part of the story. If he thought Episodes 1,2 and 3 could stand on their own as independent stories he would have started with them instead.

The new trilogy are background movies. Someone (I can't remember) somewhere else (I also can't remember) called them an appendix and I can't really argue with that assessment. As long as you view them that way they really are pretty fun movies.

Ep 4 is really the only movie that stands on it's own. Ep 5 and 6 don't by themselves or even together, unless you include Ep 4 and view them as a collective work.

Similarly, the Original Trilogy stands on it's own as a collective work, but the New Trilogy (and any future trilogy) won't by themselves, but only as a collective of the whole work of 6 (or 9) movies.

There will be more movies, eventually, but maybe not until Lucas dies, or maybe if he hands the franchise to someone else. He says no now, and most of us would feel ill if he started to do another one. But give it 5 or 10 years, and Lucas blessing someone else carrying on the franchise, and we'll all line up again.

Meantime, I keep hearing about these fan made Star Wars films.


Just as Evangelical Protestants live by the Bible, it seems that lots of Star Wars fans have a "canon" of books in addition to the movies. But as a lot of (sarcastic) Catholics say to Evangelical Protestants, "How do you know which books belong in the Bible?"

Let's say another writer has a book in which Boba Fett's body is dug out of the Sarlacc for some reason and he's good and dead. Which book is canon? Yours, where he escapes the Sarlacc, or this other guy's?

I never went for any of the books myself, although I do like the "cut scenes" etc. from the original screenplays. Is that still a Level 2? :-D

Since its all fiction anyway, it doesn't really matter if Boba Fett flew out, blew out or just died.
Even Lucas shouldn't have the say so; if one fan wants the story to go one way and another fan wants it to go the other way then so be it. Personally I'm a Lord of the Rings guy and if I want to make Galadrial a dominatrix then so be it.

If someone brings George Lucas a decent story arc and scripts for a continuing series of films, I think he'd be willing to hand the franchise over to someone else. But it would have to be really good. I've read/heard him say repeatedly that he has no interest in doing any more SW films himself.

It will be interesting, though, to see what he does next.

Commenting late...

No matter what I thought of the final 3 (er, negative waves, obviously from context...), I'm still sad to see it end.

I adore the things in the movies; the clones themselves, the vehicles (LAAT-1 Republic Gunship...er...am I level 3 yet?), the ambiance of the sets/matte paintings/digital backgrounds.

The weapons. I love to look at the props and try to figure out what they were based on, and what fiddly bits were used to dress them up.

(In the Star Wars in my head, stormtroopers unfold the stock.)