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File under...

You have got to fucking be kidding me.

Burger King better not cave. And if they do, it better not be until I ge every last one of those toys. There will be wrath. There will be protests. There will be Star Wars rage.

I am so out of control. But don't be alarmed. The same thing happened in '99 and I came out of it ok.


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I don't have any particular love of Burger King, other than say one or two things. I also think their latest Star Wars Little Tykes kids meal toys (that I can't link to because Bk uses a god awful flash site) are kind of dumb. But not as dumb as... [Read More]


Things like this drive me crazy. These are the same people that think the 'safe for ages' indicator on toys means it's appropriate for those ages. Spawn figures aren't meant for kindergärtners.

A couple of things on this story:

"When Burger King puts that in a Kids Meal, there's an implicit endorsement of the movie"

No offense, but the world for the last three weeks has been an implicit endorsement of the movie. Please.

And then there's this...King's Island has just opened a ride based around the movie "The Italian Job." It is a kid's ride. Isn't "The Italian Job" rated R? Hello? Dove Foundation? Anyone?

"[The Dove Foundation] also conducted a national phone survey of 889 adults and says 83% felt the promotion was not appropriate for kids."

I say 83% of those adults need a swift kick to the skull.

BK already issued a statement saying that they're not responsible for the content and that 27 of the 31 toys afer from PG rated movies, and basically, stick it. I think we're good. I must have C-3PO and Leia. Already have Vader (yay!)

What is it with these "family advocacy groups"? Ugh. Who the hell appointed them to parent kids on behalf of parents?

PG-13 be damned! I took my children (12 and 6) and they loved it. Yes, the lava scene and the Dooku scene were a bit intense, but the Dooku thing happened so fast, I'm not sure they even understood EXACTLY what happened.

People get wrapped too tight.

There's 31 toys ? Holy smokes who the hell has the time, money or inclination to collect 31 toys?

Why doesn't this group do something useful, like getting Burger King to stop running those ads with that creepy, freakish, nightmare-inducing plastic King?

Welcome to the Nanny state.

... 889 adults and says 83% felt the promotion was not appropriate for kids."
Ya How many of these adults are going to fork over money to there kids, to see the movie, so that they do not have to hear there whining.

I know I am in the vast minority on this one, but...

Lay off His Royal Majesty.

He is the reason I try to eat BK at least 3 times a week.

Vast Minority?

Yeesh. Kicks himself in head

"When Burger King puts that in a Kids Meal, there's an implicit endorsement of the movie," says Dick Rolfe, chairman of Dove Foundation.

Does that mean we can officially hold McDonald's accountable for the horror that was "Wild Wild West" then?

They put those things in Kid's Meals, too?

Around here, there are big signs up that say that you get them with an adult meal by paying a couple of dollars (limit two per adult meal). That alone says to me that they're not marketing to kids.

I tried to explain this to my mom when we were discussing the fact that the X-box 360 will probably be around $300-$500 (and that I'd already reserved mine). This stuff isn't aimed at REAL children anymore, it's aimed at the inner children of people who grew up with this stuff. The fact that it appeals to today's kids is purely coincidental.

But have you looked at Dove Foundation's website? It's like a group of half a dozen overweight losers who have never gotten laid in their lives. It's juvenile and pathetic. I don't even know why anyone would waste ink on anything they do.

I've been bugged by the promotion of this movie to young kids, but you can't get around it - if you watered down the movie to PG that would suck, and yet you can't pretend that kids don't want to see this movie. I took my own kids - and we're usually pretty protective about this kind of stuff - and my 7-year-old son was fine, and my 5-year-old daughter just had to hide her face during some of the burning-of-Anakin scenes (I also warned them in advance about the massacre of the younglings).

Besides, it's just violence, death and dismemberment, not sex or bad language. Kids already get plenty of violence from fairy tales and the Old Testament.

Besides, it's just violence, death and dismemberment, not sex or bad language.

Please thank your diety of choice for that. Can you imagine the horror that would be a Lucas-scripted and directed sex scene? Please mount me like you did that time at the lake on Naboo...

Please mount me like you did that time at the lake on Naboo...



I'm having a hard time with the 83% number. That, to me, says the question asked over the phone was probably not a good one for the purposes of statistics.

Of course, studies have shown that advocacy groups tend to use statistics to lie about 68% of the time.

That's nothing, 77% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Its' easy to get 83% when you talk real fast and lead the questionee in the direction you want to go. They obviously had a list of everybody who has ever shown interest in Star Wars and called the measly 883 people who were not on the list.

Something tells me the survey questions were a bit biased..such as

"Are you aware that a decapitation is being celebrated by Burger King and marketed to sweet innocent children!"

And Fred wins best post awards for the week, month, year and possibly ever.

Speaking of "inappropriate" tie-inslast from the past:

Laser Sword Dildos:


Save the Children from Jar Jar:


I can sort of see where Dove Foundation is coming from but I still think it's stupid.