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random camera phone picture/jedi madness

Calvacade of Crap: Wal-Mart, East Meadow, NY

3 for $11. I couldn't find three worth that chump change. Who knew there were so many bad movies out there?

Yea, I feel another list coming on.

Ok, so I bought TWO MORE BOXES OF CEREAL. And I got two red light/spoon saber things. I am obsessed. I must have the green. MUST. HAVE. GREEN. SPOONSABER.

Cereal for dinner
Cereal for lunch
Cereal for breakfast
Ceral for brunch
Cereal at every single meal,
Why can't we have some guts?

They'll eat it and like it. I don't care if they start bleeding Apple Jacks and shitting Corn Pops, we will keep eating cereal until I get the green one.


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You're a great mom. ;-)

P.S. - Good luck, I hope you get the green one. Never give up on the dream.

Have you tried checking any of the Star Wars fan forums to see if someone's interested in trading for the green spoon? Stranger things have happened.

Uh... Have you tried Ebay? :)

They're going for at least seven bucks. No way. The cereal was on sale for less than three dollars today and even if we didn't get the color I wanted, we still have breakfast food.

Nice Misfits ref. Good luck with the ... spoooons.


Salad Fingers

I heart salad fingers.

Heh. "Cavalcade of Crap". I feel so influential;)

"Follow your dreams. You can reach your goals. I'm Living proof. Beefcake...BEEFCAAAAKE!"

/first thing I thought of :-)

Dude. We have two green. We want a red. *does thumb-pinky 'call me' sign*

I would never buy them even at a penny a movie because it's not worth the shelf space they would take up but oddly when Jumanji and The Supe come on cable TV I am drawn like the moth to a flame...

Same here Jim, at least with Jumanji.

My five year old is obsessed with Jumanji. We have a Friday night Family Movie Night tradition where we spread a blanket on the floor for an in-house picnic and watch a DVD. The choice of movie rotates, and we watched Jumanji three times in a row when it was his turn. He particularly likes the monkeys, but who doesn't love a bunch of knife-throwing, shotgun-wielding, motorcycle-riding, police cruiser-stealing monkeys? The 2 year old is obsessed too, unfortunately with the feature debut of a certain purple dinosaur.

I think our latest Jedi spoon was the green one. Let me check when I get home, and if it is, you can have it if you agree with this statement:
Greedo did not shoot first, damn it.

Who knew public obsession could be so entertaining? ;)