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A pointless post for a midafternoon work break

So, what are you listening to? Right now or in general will do.

on the Ipod right now - Korn, BBK

1:24 Pink Floyd, Welcome to the Machine on my Yahoo Launchcast station. I forgot how this song puts me to sleep after the first three minutes.

1:36 Minor Threat, Think Again (which I rated down because there comes a point in your life when Minor Threat just doesn't do it for you anymore)

1:45: The Starting Line, The Best of Me. You know, I have to stop letting my daughter sign in to my Launch station if she's going to rate up this craptastic crappity crap.

1:56: Days of the New, Touch Peel and Stand: What ever happend to this band? I thought this album was kinda spiffy.

2:06 Thunderkiss '65, White Zombie: greatest fucking driving song EVER

3:05: Soul Asylum, Runaway Train. This band is ass cakes with ass frosting. Rated down to NEVER PLAY AGAIN

3:27: Bon Jovi - Blaze of Glory And I am SINGING. My son is slowly backing away.

3:35 Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots - Woooo! Best BS song EVAR!

5:22: Question, Moody Blues - Oooohhh haven't heard this one in a while. I love this song. So...timely for a song from 1970.

and for those who watch AI, there's a survey/poll over here. And don't forget about Les. Have you read Les today?


The gentle whir of my desk fan and a million people testing out their new desk phone and it's 50 uber-annoying ringers.

And I'm looking at getting an iAudio to correct this issue. Hafta work on the sad, puppy eyes for the wife.

Van Halen- Hot for Teacher

Nothing, because my employer says that headphones are bad for other employees' productivity, and no exception can be made for those of us who think a loud office with too many people in too little space is not a good environment to get writing done.

I'm not bitter at all.

But in general? Atmosphere. Great stuff.

The documentary disc for EI - The Phantom Menace.

One of my mixes -- currently Hot Hot Heat's "Bandages", which will be followed by Steve Barton's (ex-Translator) "Cuban Heel Boots".

"Across the Sea" from Weezer's Pinkerton.

Mark Hollis "The Color of Spring" and next up will be "I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues" by Doc Cheatham and Nicholas Payton.

Styx - Grand Illusion
Bonnie Tyler - Holding out for a Hero (had to dig it out for my girls after Shrek 2, and, well, just never removed it)
Deep Purple - Knocking At Your Back Door (Live)
Chicago - Beginnings
Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
Tina Turner - Proud Mary
Bowie - Fame
Peder Eide - Won by One
Santana - Migra
Rober Randolph - Going in the Right direction
Peter Gabriel - In your eyes
Rush - Nobody's here

better post before Windows goes belly up and I loose it all...

Last 5:
Flight of Icarus - Iron Maiden.
Your Cheatin Heart - Hank Williams
Down Under - Men at Work
Children of the Sun - Billy Thorpe
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms - Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys.

Dang, I love Shuffle.

I'm among those who consider the gentle whirring of computer fans to be company enough.

right now?

Knowing Me, Knowing You (Abba)

the 9 before that? let's see...

the Ballad of Chasey Lain (Bloodhound Gang)
Look Away (Chicago)
I Don't Wanna Dance (Eddy Grant)
Sex Type Thing (Stone Temple Pilots)
Hip Hop Soldier (Sir Mix-a-Lot)
Weapons of Mass Distortion (Crystal Method)
I'm Your Boogie Man (White Zombie)
Sweet Soul Sister (The Cult)
Lady You Bring Me Up (The Commodores)

whoa. hey, at least there's no country in there.

The gentle ebbs and flows of the highway right outside our building. It's a lazy day, writing and reading, no music.

Funny you should ask.

Eclipse from DSOTM just came up as your page did.

i'm on hold with the car repair shop ... listening to some guy sing "i believe i can fly..., i believe i can touch the sky..."
kill me now.

nothing, no radio in the office. I keep telling myself I need to buy one, I just never remember to.

In the car - Talib Kwelli 'Quality'. But I'll probably change that before I head home for the day. I'm leaning towards The Killers or Chemical Romance.

At home - Kinda hoping my new Citizen Cope CD is there waiting for me. If not, I'll probably opt for some Ray Charles compilation or Jack Johnson 'Brushfire Fairytales'

My brain explode.

NIN The Fragile Disc 1

Before that - Genesis, The Way We Walk, The Longs.
Aerosmith, Big Ones
Overseer, Wreckage
Pink Floyd, Echoes, Disc 2

Singing birds competing with a lawnmower in the distance.

(On The Way To) Amarillo, by Tony Christie.

That's the song featured in the very amusing video made by some British soldiers deployed in the Middle East which has been making the rounds lately (Wizbang recently had links up both to the current parody and to a prior video done by another English comedian).

The singer sounds a lot like Tom Jones. Be warned if you go looking for it; the damn thing will stick in your head for hours.

Meteora, Linkin Park

Iron Maiden, Best Of

With Teeth, NIN (Right Where It Belongs is a great track)

Once More With Feeling, Cast Recording of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (so sue me)

Roger Waters - Dogs (live) (Fantastic as always)

Chris Issak - There She Goes (I wonder why my friend recommend him so)

Dave Matthews Band - Two Step (When you say DMB, you say it all)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes (which live version? there are sooo many)

Sheryl Crow - Leaving Las Vegas (wonder if my OS build has finished...)

Lesley, I hope you have a roll of paper towels handy. That sounds messy.

With Teeth, NIN (Right Where It Belongs is a great track)

That album sure has grown on me.
(Btw, my email to you keeps bouncing back)

"Radio Comets" Possum Dixon. Hot damn, Possum Dixon were a great band.

Weird about the e-mail.

I listened to With Teeth the first round, and I was like, "eh. cliched NIN."

But it's growing on me too, and it's on repeated play in the mp3 player.

Note to all - Puppy Eyes do not work on pregnant women. So if anyone wants to donate an MP3 player out of sheer pity, I'm all hands.

Foo Fighters Live AT&T Acoustic Session

Yes, With Teeth does improve with time, but damn this is a pretty funny review.

Right now on the iPod:

Go Down Gamblin' - Blood Sweat and Tears, from Found Treasures

Once More With Feeling, Cast Recording of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (so sue me)

Bill- I'm shocked. But, I like it too.

1:56: Days of the New, Touch Peel and Stand: What ever happend to this band? I thought this album was kinda spiffy.

The lead singer is meth-head. I saw him on A&E's "Intervention" (See Episode #6). He was in real bad shape. He lost pretty much all of his money, his band and record deal, and lives at home with his mom, if I remember correctly.

Now I'm listening to "Paperback Bible" from the brand spankin' new Screaming Trees compilation disk, Oceans of Confusion.

"Wakin' up to tomorrow, hopin' it will help to clear my head.
What did I do? What did I try to leave behind?"

Mmm, trees...

In general, the new Emiliana Torrini album "Fisherman's Woman" and the new Beck album "Guero". Right now it's "Dancing Machine" by the Jackson 5.

at the moment, Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead.

Today at work:

The new NIN album.

30,000 Pounds of Bananas by Harry Chapin

The new Ben Folds album.

Funeral by The Arcade Fire [effing brilliant cd]

Life on Mars by David Bowie (and selected other songs of his)

and last, The Life Aquatic Soundtrack.

yeah it's a bit varied, and a bit of teh indie persuasion.

I think you are right about Minor Threat ("there comes a point in your life when Minor Threat just doesn't do it for you anymore"). This appears to hold true even for their lead singer Ian- I heard some new stuff (on NPR!) that he did which was extremely mellow/crapulent. I guess thats what happens when you get older. I had forgotten that I even had a Minor Threat album...


Question (Justin Hayward) was released on A Question of Balance in 1970. So it qualifies as a 70s tune on a technicality.

Red, White, and Crue, Motley Crue.

Since I work in an elementary school media center, I can't have my headset on while school is in session BUT ... since school lets out Friday and the media center is closed for inventory, I can plug my MP3 player into speakers in my office, close the door and look busy. Still can't crank up the volume, though. :-(

actually, I am really busy but without kids in here or classes, it feels like a ghost town! Now if I could just get these d*mn teachers to leave me alone!!

Let's see, last 5 for me ...

Going Down to Die, Danzig
Bombtrack, Rage Against the Machine
The Way out is Through, NIN
Serenity, Godsmack
Revolverlution, Public Enemy

heh, must be the alt.librarian playlist

This morning on the way to work.

Tom Waits - Underground
Cyndi Lauper - I Drove All Night (actual passion as opposed to Celine)
Aquabats - Cat With Two Heads
AC/DC - Mean Streak

Re Days of the New:
Due to artistic differences, the whole band left the lead singer (who recorded almost the whole first album himself anyway), and formed that acoustic band Tantric. They acceived a little more success than DothN. Pritty strait up acoustic rock, and not that bad.

This is possibly the only instance where a band breaks up over a real artistic difference.

The lead singer when on to continue doing his thing. In '99 he put out his green album under the DothN name. It was sort of Skynerd meets Alice In Chains meets Pink Floyd. I love this album. One guy plays everything that's on it. You gotta respect that.

I just recently found out DotN released a 2001 albmum, Red, so I don't know what its like.

Currently listening to: You guessed it, days of the new.

Weezer - Make Believe
NIN - WIth Teeth
My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers...
New Foo Fighters Song - Best of You
Killers - Hot Fuss

The Days of the New lead singer was on A&E's "Intervention" TV show - where's now an addict. A meth-head if you will. A shame really. I guess he got it all too young - fired his band. Didn't get contract renewed... and blew his fortune. So very sad.