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random camera phone picture

My car, work parking lot.

Birds are evil.


that's what you get for parking under trees!

OK. one time, I parked under a tree at work. now, the place where I worked was kinda in a "preserved" area... I mean, the first thing I saw on my first day there was a "Beware of Rattlesnakes" sign. so anyways, I parked under this tree, and I had been "hit" once or twice before, but... this day, it was raining. and I don't know if it's the rain that made these birds shit, but when I came out to my car at the end of the day, half of my car was covered in birdshit. literally. like, it was still raining (pouring, actually), and on the way home, I had to stop at a car wash. yes, a car wash in the rain. now, things are pretty damned bad when you're stopping to wash your car in the pouring rain, no?

damned birds.

That parking lot looks like it could have been used as a set in Blade Runner.

For some reason its supposed to be lucky...

I have no idea why.

"Birds are evil." And clouds are pink??

When viewed through the filter of my car windshield and snapped with a camera phone, yes.

[leave spam here again and I will hunt you down and stick my foot so far up your ass my shoe rips a hole in your head]

I love it!

You know, this could easily be a still from a Jim Jarmusch movie. Or better yet, maybe Michele will inspire the next Stranger Than Paradise...

The most under-rated film of late; "Master and Commander of the Far Side of the World". The film is an absolute dream for any history lover. Everything is accurate, the musical score is lovely, and the acting is superb! All of my friends hate this movie (many hate Russel Crowe) but I found it to be the most engrossing movie I have seen since Mystic River. Any thoughts?

Michael, I think you left this on the wrong post?

I hated Mystic River with a passion.

Interesting composition, with the juxtaposition of a very large, very stiff pole against the backdrop of a box shaped building.

Which I'm sure, has nothing to do with anything in particular. Sometimes a pole is just a thing holding up some lights, and buildings are square because curvy architecture costs more.