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coupla links

[Holy hell, gmail is sucking the big hard one today. Is it just me?]

  • A new day, a new theme at 100 words. I hate my story today. I'm going back to writing serious/morose/dark stories. I'm not good at the light stuff. But the theme wasn't exactly helpful.
  • Several people have come here through Google looking for Star Wars recipes. I don't have any. But I hear that grilled Bantha is to die for.

Ok, the SW searches are coming in hot and heavy. To the person searching for Jabba the Hut nudity: Lock yourself in a closet and never come out.

That's it, unless something else crosses the transom that appears interesting. If said transom (being gmail) actually works at all, that is.


They might be looking for that hot dog/mashed potato Tie Fighter.

And my story sucks too. Just seemed too forced.

Big Gmail problems all day here, too.

Er... Has Jabba the Hutt ever not been nude?

[asshole spammer]


Those of you with blogs may want to ban that IP

Fucking spammer.

Mary Mary, why ya buggin'?


Heh. I had to finish that.

Jabba nekkid, ugh.

The odd one I got today was "world most beautiful women like cindy crawford in vulgar dress".

There's some mighty wierd people out there.