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all glory to the hypno sith toad

No reason.

Update: Ok, there is a reason.

It is hypnotizing me, obviously. It is saying "You will not engage in discussions about the continuity problems in EpIII. You will not write a ten paragraph post on Anakin's transformation to Vader. You will never again say to someone well, I can see where Luke gets his whininess from, as if he were he were real. You will not buy another box of Apple Jacks just to get the green lightsaber spoon. You will not write the academy to implore them to nominate Yoda for an Oscar. You will not pay to see this movie for the third time this week just so you can play Spot the Millennium Falcon."

All glory to the Sith Toad hypnotoad.

[And as I'm watching Attack of the Clones on Fox, I'm thinking, that damn Padme had it coming to her. She deserved to have her heart broken when Anakin went bad. Once a child killer, always a child killer!]


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The genius of Star Wars is that it explains why we sin, what sin does to us. Graham Greene once wrote that "love makes more mistakes than hate does." In that light, the fall of Anakin related to the fact that he loved too much. [Read More]


Is it the Millenium Falcon or is it a generic YF-110 Corellian Transport?

Shawn, dude thats just sad.

Just saw the movie. My mastery of the force allowed me to wait until sunday afternoon. So now I will wait for the ten paragraph post on the transformation.

And one question, just by going over to the dark side he got all sorts of new powers? Was there a pill he took? Did Palpitine do some mind meld with him? how did that part work?

aw crap. just when I thought it was safe to go back to reality. you're saying the mf was in the flick and I missed it?!

looks like I picked the wrong week to quit going to the same movie over and over again ...

Did you not pay attention to these movies?

Anger fuels the dark side of The Force.

I can feel your anger. It makes you stronger!

Shawn, dude thats just sad.

Too much Tie Fighter on the computer in college.

My son once made a Tie Fighter out of his mashed potatoes and hot dogs.

It was the Falcon. I saw Lando in the cockpit. ;)


Go ahead and write anything about Star Wars and I'll read it. I've been enjoying your posts even though I haven't seen a Star Wars movie since the first one. (I go to about two movies a year.)

The Falcon is a YT-1300, IIRC

I just saw it. I wouldn't begrudge you if you did do those things.

So, the Milennium Falcon's in there somewhere, eh?

Michele, if I may make one request of you... PLEASE write your thoughts on Anakin's transformation to Darth Vader... I know I and others would love to read them. I have many thoughts about this as well, but I don't know that anyone else would want to hear them. (Although I have to say, the look of horror in Anakin's eyes as the mask is being lowered to his face is so multi-leveled... horror at what he's become, horror at what's happened to him, horror at what is about to happen to him... it's breathtaking.)

A lot of people call this a dark movie, and dark it is, but I think even more so, it's sad. I was actually sad at the end of the movie, just from the amount of tragedy that is heaped upon our heroes.

Sorry, I'm still in awe... gonna see it again tomorrow.

Orson Scott Card's review:


"As Good As Lord of the Rings, Except for the Writing"


"And here's the interesting thing. Even though the characterization is nonexistent, the relationships like a seven-year-old's impression of how grownups act, the politics clearly the product of a mind that has never grasped history, and the science at the "How can rivers flow north?" level, the underlying saga still manages to touch a chord.

Don't misunderstand. I laughed along with the other people in the theater at those horrible moments when the poor actors were forced to say some of the most appalling lines ever spoken on the screen. I could not possibly care about characters who were never for a moment believable as human beings.

But the story itself, the epic that had so inspired Young Mr. Lucas, does have grandeur in it that his own ineptness was unable to destroy. There is power in the sheer ambition of it. Sitting in the flickering light of a dying fire, listening to the old man tell us the tale he learned in his youth, we are captivated despite the cracking of the old man's voice and the fact that everything he says is a cliche. For we know, at some level, that the tale has some truth in it."

Spot-on, IMO.

"You will not engage in discussions about the continuity problems in EpIII.

Where can I find these discussions? I'm curious.

I have to say, Palpatine's flipping of Anakin was extraordinary because of McDiarmid's acting.

It was the Falcon. I saw Lando in the cockpit. ;)
Was he peeing in it? :)

On a positive note, with everyone herding into see SW ROTS, I got to see Hitchiker in a basically empty theater.

It was mediocre, and left me grateful that it's been almost 20 years since I read the book.

On seeing the Falcon:

The best part for me was saying "ooh", and pointing at the screen and my wife's friend next to me says, "I saw it too!"

can't wait to see it at the IMAX

The Falcon is a YT-1300, IIRC

I think you're right. Couldn't remember the number for sure, but I do remember it being Corellian.

No biggie, GeekMan took over for a sec to write that.

You know what the worst thing about Padme is? Selfish bitch could have stopped Vader from ever happening by just going back to Tatooine and buying Shmi off of Watto. She had the whole Naboo treasury to thank Anakin (and Shmi, for that matter) with, could have set the old lady up in a nice house on the lake for life, but nooooo, affairs of state were too important, and it, uh, slipped Padme's mind, so Shmi gets to rot in slavery instead. So much for Anakin not having to worry about his mom any more.

Selfish, thoughtless bitch.

And yet Anakin fell in love with her. And she loved him back, even though he killed out of anger. They deserved each other.


It was much better than Cats.


See, I wasn't paying sufficient attention, because I had a whole discussion with my wife about how I was surprised we never saw a Falcon (with it being somewhat vintage by Ep. IV and all). It could have been all the idiots getting up and walking in front of me during the movie, too.

OK, spill, what scene was it in? I'll look more closely next time.

And agreed completely on Padme and Shmi. She couldn't have sent an ambassador with a sleek chrome briefcase full of cash?

TIE Fighter was a damn good game, wasn't it?

I think they cut out a key segment of dialogue in between when Anakin cut off Samuel Fing Jackson's hand and when he bows before Palpatine. All te ingredients of his fall from the jedi have been sprung, but it is not made clear why Anakin turns, that it was a semi-rational decision by him.

But the last dialogue between Obi-Wan and Anakin? I want to see that again to see if it was as great as I remember it.

If you want to see something really sad (and hilarious) check out "The Last Word on Star Wars" here:


Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Yea, it was just as funny when I first saw it like three years ago.

you fools, continuity nothing, the whole metaphysical backdrop to Star Wars is momentary consciousness i.e. enjoy the spectacle you brainless dorks, you think Lucas's farrago of mythmaking is suitable for analysis? try this, Lucas is at heart a Pantheistic Solipsist with an agenda to undermine the narrative consciousness of western civilization by chinese made action figures impregnated with oestrogenic chemicals...

Having said that I loved the movie as much as you guys....