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can't get here soon enough

June 7th, man.

Just 16 days until I can finally hear Paul Anka's interpretation of The Cure's Lovecats and Van Halen's Jump!.

Oh, look I can hear it now, they have samples! Let's go listen....


You know, when Pat Boone covered Enter Sandman, it was cool. This is not. This is bad. Very, very bad. Paula Anka must die. Painfully.


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Speaking as someone who has been threatening for years to write a big-band polka arrangement of the Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit, I must say that just reading the track list of this project fills me with dread -- actually clicking one of the samples isn't even the possibility of a thought (as in, I'd rather have a Fear Factor martini...)

Wow...SW ROTS, some interlude music, then full throttle Anka.

Changin gears fast enough to give us all whiplash.

Sorry. Anyone who thinks Pat Boone ever did anything worthwhile is simply an idiot.


And your point is?

That he/she/it/they doesn't get it, he/she/it/they hasn't gotten it, and that he/she/it/they will never get it.

"oh I slice like a f@$% hammer/ your s@#$ don't get looser than this/ The way you thought, they way you thought, you thought, you thought"

"Joe slipped through the streets while everyone sleeps - cut the f@#% music, where the F$%^ is JOE?!"

(For your other readers, given that you probabably know already: the explanation is here; scroll to "Anka Integrity Kick".)

David: and "Hello" is one of the songs.

Anyway, swing versions of these songs could be good. But these really aren't.

Sorry. This is great stuff.

C'mon - you almost have to buy this...

I just, erm, "borrowed" a full version of the Jump cover from my good friend luc$4726qh@KaZaA and it's kitschy to be sure but not something I'd put on a playlist.

The Oasis clip sounds terrible and you'd think Everybody Hurts might lend itself to swing easier than the others. It doesn't.

It stinks.

I get up,

and nothin gets me down.

- Cialis