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Little League Field, East Meadow, NY [Nikon 5700]

Twas the perfect day to be outdoors. Lots of sun, warm temps, amazing clouds, ran into an old friend on the Little League field...just perfect.

And now, we head indoors. As in movie theater. As in, yes we are seeing EpIII again.

obsessed? check the file name of the photo


Verging on Def Con 3,my dear.

The brother saw it. The brother is a bonafide Level 3 Star Wars geek.

The brother was impressed.

It's no less emotionally overwhelming the second time, either. Seeing it twice in twelve hours nearly had me reaching for the Zoloft. (Would that I had some Zoloft!)

Oh, any my super-spoiler packed in depth geek-out review of the film can be read here. I ramble about the movie to lengths that put some old Steven Den Beste posts to shame.

VH1 is showing "When Star Wars Ruled The World" right now.

Awesome stuff.

I'm seeing it again as soon as I can. Don't thin the wife would have watched the kids twice in two days, but they are leaving town Memorial Day week, so I could see it every day then. Come vote in my Star Wars polls - go here and scroll.