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revenge of the sith blogging

I swear, I'll stop eventually.

Putting in nearly a full day at the Little League field today. Debating whether or not to go see EpIII again immediately after the game.

Just a few links to throw at you until later:

New theme up at 100 Words or Les Nessman (as well as my story for the day).

Check out Val all day today, he's blogging from the Cuba Nostalgia convention and there's so much good stuff on his blog (since yesterday) I can't even pick a post, so just scroll around.

(Look, that was TWO non-SW related links!)

My review of Revenge of the Sith is below, if you haven't seen it yet. There's still so much more I have to say. The more I think about the movie, the more I have to say. I think it's going to be a few days before I shut up about it, especially if I see it again.

And today's song of the day: Weird Al - Y-O-D-A


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I'n downloading ROTS as I write this!


I probably won't watch it on here untill I see it at the CINERAMA.

OK, I do love Episodes IV and V but I'm not a Star Wars afficionado - haven't even seen Episode II yet, much less ROTS. However, I do dimly remember reading, from way back when the original Episode IV came out, that the full Star Wars saga involved NINE episodes, and that the order they were eventually to be presented, if made, would be IV, V, VI, I, II, III, VII, VIII, IX.

Does anyone else recall this? Did Lucas just decide that he doesn't have the energy to do them any more?