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A sort of review of Revenge of the Sith »

random camera phone picture: T- 4 hours

Lightsaber spoon, courtesy of Apple Jacks

In just four hours I'll be sitting in a darkened movie theater, awaiting the start of the culmination of 28 years worth of slavish devotion to fictional characters and settings.

Please check out the Carnival of the Force (as seen on CNN!) for more SW related links as well as new links to blogger reviews. I bet it's been updated ten times since you last looked.

I don't know if I'll do my review when I get home or wait until morning, but you can bet I'll at least log on to say something like "Yea, it was as awesome, cheesy and breathtaking as I expected it to be!"


Oh - there's a whole new crop of stories over at 100 Words or Les Nessman. Go read and then write your own for today's theme.

Aaaaaand....it's Friday! The day I put on a wig, get drunk and pretend to be Brett Somers.

Another Star Wars toy camera phone picture below.

Chewbacca! What a Wookiee! Courtesy of Burger King


Jealous am I.

We haven't yet figured out when we'll be able to sneak away (we have houseguests) and find a sitter.

And I wanted a lightspoon, too. But I couldn't justify buying a whole box of cereal for it.

T-5 hours. grumble

Keiran, not only did I justify buying a HUGE box of Frosted Flakes cereal for my lightsaber spoon, I bought TWO ... because what fun is one lightsaber spoon?

Yes, we did have a lightsaber battle ... and made the noises ...

Hmm, I'm also the one that wished that the StarWars Cheez-its came in SW character shapes so that we could have a battle with them ... and eat the dead ...

oh my gawd ... Level 3 ... here I was saying I was doing all this for my boyfriend when, in reality, all this time I'M THE GEEK!

Have fun. Escape from reality.

Just got back ourselves...I think you'll love it...a lot. Even I believed that little puke becomes Darth.

He may be an ass, but he can write a story.

YOU GOT THE RED ONE! We have two green spoons. sniff

There is no spoon.

Wait, wrong movie...

Sorry, robyn, I got two red ones ... and here I wanted two different colored spoons. Silly me, I thought the law of averages would bend for me, just 'cause.

SharonO, we should work out a spoon-swap or somethin'. ;-)


EXACTLY what I was thinkin', robyn! I'm game! ;-)

Got two red spoons and one blue, wanna trade a red for a Green ??