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as i take my evil mood out on the internet.

Stupid. Like, virally stupid.

Worse than stupid. Insipid, retarded, ridiculous are words that come to mind.

Shit like this is just ruining everything.

I'm going to go lock myself in a room for six days and do nothing but play Legend of Zelda and reminisce about the good old days when you had to work to get the information you needed and when the retarded antics of every person in the free world wasn't on display for everyone to see and for Nick Denton to make a buck off of. Or even the days before the word "blog" made me break out in itchy hives and before the word "blogosphere" made me have this Pavlovian response of wretching.

Remember, kids. This isn't a blog. It's an electronic bag of fun! Or....I need another word to call this thing besides blaaaaaaaahg.

First person to say "craphole" gets a pat on the back and sarcastic smile.

Though "weclome to my craphole" sounds very early 90's-ish. All I'd need is some animated gifs and an spinning "under construction" sign.

Update: Now this. This is what the internet is all about. NSFW. (Thank you, Carol!)

Oh, I scored 12/16 on the man milk/moo milk quiz.


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"Welcome to My Craphole" was actually the theme song for my senior prom in 1990. Ah, Days Inn memories.

God, I'm glad I dropped out of Blog Valley High and went for my GED instead!

Virtual Port-A-Sans?

Everything is ruined! EVERYTHING!!


I wonder if selling ass-sex for $400 will get me into the "Who's Who, Seen Around Town" pages of Blogebrity!

It's fabulous.

Ya know..."blog" always sounded like something you did in a toilet after a hellacious bender.

I'm still waiting for Erin Go Blog, the official Blog of Ireland.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to keep it real at my...errr...push-button publishing example.

oh my gawd. blogger fanboys.

funny thing... i've been blogging for wha, at least two or three days. how come is it that i haven't even heard of half of those "blogebrities"?

i'm either much geekier than i thought, or much cooler.

Shawn: It's not Ireland, but it's close enough for jazz...

It's not your blog, it's the Michele Experience. Are you Experienced?

There was a time in the early 1990s when I swore that I would never get an Internet hook up. I was a writer and I did my research by phone or by going to the New York Public Library. Then I went to a place where I had an Internet hook up and I said, damn, what the hell was I thinking?

I recall the Pre-Flash Epoch through about 1995 with great fondness. The Internet had an amature feel, and you could read great tracts written by Internet content pioneers with a dial-up connection. Then, people started to figure out that there was a market, and the ad arms race had begun.

When bloggers came along I was like, I'll never read a blog. Why? At work I've got the Internet and a cable modem with a firewall and nuclear-biological-chemical virus protection software. Plus, I had a subscription to The Economist. What else did I need? Then my friends started sending me articles by bloggers, and I was hooked.

I will look back on the Pre Commercial Blog Epoch through about 2005 with great fondness in the future. I'm usually a little slow on the uptake, but I get there eventually. The early-modern Internet and the early Blogging phenomena were two great examples of joy in human creativity for its own sake. Those days will be behind us soon.

And so I salute the pioneers who brought pleasure to so many without the expactation of anything tangible in return.

I guess the good thing is Rosie O'Donnell didn't make the "A-List".

Wonder if the feature written about her will be done in really bad free verse-style "poetry"?

Didn't you see Star Wars? No review???

"Porn Encrusted Hovel"

Pit of Excrement is the classier version.

Or how about "The Hell of Random Lists And Posts"?

The Chinese have a lot of hells.

Is Full Of Craphole dot com is not registered.

That crying while eating is really one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

I mean, it can't be that bad. They're eating!

On Thursday May 19th, join James Hong (co-founder, Hot or Not), Nick Denton (founder, Gawker Media),

Says it all. Why exactly am I supposed to want to join a batch of the kind of assholes whose party invitations always ended up indiscreetly crumpled in the trash whenever they were foisted on me back in the day? I know we're all lurching towards dementia, but come on.

But I love that last link. I would have done better on the Pornalike Quiz if I'd only known my British celebrities better.

B3ta.com cures everything.

(And it is too safe for work. They've covered up everything unsafe with adorable furry kittens! Kittens!)

The best part of that quiz is the music.

I thought it was settled months ago that this is an "OND" - an On-line Nerd Diary.

Yay, Rob Manuel is a personal hero of mine.
The B3ta newsletter is full of good stuff this week.

It's a rare day to see something that makes you embarrassed to be a blogger and not find either Nick Denton or Dave Winer involved.

I misread "cryingwhileeating" as "cryingwilwheaton". Imagine my crushing disappointment when I clicked o nit.


14/16 on Gash or Stash :)

I blame Andy Warhol. Celebration of the mundane, elevation of the pathetic, worship of crap, both literal and figurative--all him.

don't say that!
To console I will poste here my entry (to that contest), maybe you'll find it funny but not overly weird?


Have fun, internet is fun!
So have fun,. More fun.