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Meet the Mets, Beat the Mets

Running really late today. But I thought I'd just throw this out there, just to get the party started.


Oh, you are SO going to regret this after Kevin Brown serves up 8 HR balls in the first inning, punches his fist into concrete again, and begins the Empire's downward spiral . Of couse Zambrano could concievably chuck balls further from the plate than John Kerry did, reversing the outcome. Im predicting a 15-14 game tonite.

Eye on the ball here.

Mets: 1.5 games out of first place. 2.5 back in the wild card race.

Yankees: 5.5 games out of first place. 3 back in the wild card race.

You can get all hyped up for your moral victories in May. I want a pennant.

The Yank looks like he's about to go into a cartwheel.

I was so confused last night... I walk into a bar before going to see star wars and the have the Yakees playing the mets on the big screen...

I was so friggin' confused, I thought it was an off day. The I realized Andy Petite was pitching.

You must have been watching the Yankee Propaganda Network.

Those bastards at MLB extra don't even have the freakin game on. So those of us Yankee fans on the West Coast will have to settle for the internet.

That's "Al-Yankzeera," Crank.

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