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random camera phone picture: atomic punk

Van Halen logo, DJ's bedroom wall. Fresh paint.

My son is reliving my youth.

I need to thank him for making me rediscover the wonders of Van Halen. I'm listening to Women and Children First and I forgot just how amazing this album is. Could This Be Magic still makes me grin like crazy. David Lee Roth is one of the greatest things to happen to rock and roll.

Yes, I just typed those words. My 17 year old self is pointing and laughing at me from across the time dimensions.

[Also, the day's theme -and my story - are up at 100 words. Come play along!]


I always liked Eddie Van Halen better that David. After all, it takes a lot more talent to play a guitar. Anyone can sing; David's screeching proved that.

Oh, I think EVH is one of the best guitarists ever.

But DLR is an entertainer more than a singer. And he did that very well.

I saw the Roth/Hagar tour a couple of years back (free tickets, fortunately--and I refused to pay $100/ticket for the VH tour last year). Sad to say, Dave reminded me of the Crypt Keeper. Hagar blew him off the stage and into the next county.

Old DLR was definitely the shi'ite back in the day, though...

Well that goes without saying. Old Dave would kick the shit out of more recent Dave.

Though DLR is currently an EMT in NYC, which I think is pretty cool.

Though DLR is currently an EMT in NYC


I keep switching back and forth between W&CF and Fair Warning as my favorite VH albums.

They're both amazing albums, but so are I & II.

Turn the kid onto some early Triumph, too.
Just a Game has some amazing rock, blues (in 3/4 time!), classical and jazz guitar on it. Good stuff to learn.

DLR is definately an entertainer. I always figured he'd make a great game show host. Could a DLR reality series be far off?

W&CF was my favorite Van Halen album. Everybody wants some, I want some, too, whoa.

And Rob is SO right. Just a Game is an incredible album. Great guitar work, vocals, harmonies (what an innovative idea!), the songs & lyrics are top-notch. I've long since lost my old cassette - I guess it's off to ITunes to download it!

michele, you gotta introduce him to Cheetah Chrome and Stiv Bators, then explain why Johnny Thunder's band were the original Heartbreakers and got totally robbed by the big-label LA wastrels, and then, like a cherry on top, kick in "Lords of the New Church," as Stiv skidded into the gutter and Cheetah lost all his hair.

DJ's impressed with Page? Show him "Sonic Reducer"

When in doubt: LOUD FAST RULES.

And tell him about how GenX and "Kiss Me, Deadly" was a ripper. And Billy Idol turned into a jagoff.

Help me, OBLongIslandOne, you're my only hope."

Saw the DLR/Hagar tour. DLR in TIGHT leather pants doing karate kick. Not a pretty site.

Did see the reunion tour this summer, it was so awesome!

Just be prepared for all this Mother/Son bonding over music to come crashing down in three years when he "discovers" a whole range of music that you hate intensely.

you know, when you said NSW content, I was not expecting the crotch of DLR to come and rub its malfeasance over my face. Mind you, I went through a Led Zep, ACDC, Metallica, Hair Metal phase, and look what became of me... you are so in for it, grrl.

Just be prepared for all this Mother/Son bonding over music to come crashing down in three years when he "discovers" a whole range of music that you hate intensely.

Heh. I'm waiting for the day he comes home in a BoSox jersey.

Oh like HELL. DJ is one loyal kid. You'd have to threaten him with death to mak him change allegiances.

I still remember reading a DLR interview (pretty sure it was in Creem or something equivalent) where he said something to the effect of "Well, what we do isn't like Bauhaus architecture or anything..."

After that, he had me at 'hello'...

Loyalty above all, save honour.

My little corner of the burbs has a certain Mr. Lee Roth playing this summer, along with Blue Oyster Cult and Loretta Lynn. AND, the Nuge.


a non-music-related comment...

Has the layout of the 100 words site changed recently? It was working fine for me yesterday until early afternoon. Now it doesn't display properly at all (this is in Netscape 7). The content appears in a box in the browser that only goes about 2" down the page.

Perhaps it's a sign that I shouldn't be reading the site from work...

It might also be a sign that people shouldn't use Netscape :)

We did put in some javascript code on the front page - could that be doing it?

Trust me, I'd ditch Netscape if I could. Did Firefox ever work with OS 9? I know the new versions don't....

It's not just the front page. I tried pulling up one of the issues through its permalink, and netscape choked on it, so it's something common to all the pages.