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Carnival of the Force! update/PSA

Between blogs and Fark, I've read about 100 mini reviews of RotS, and the opinions seem overwhelmingly favorable.

The Carnival of the Force
will now include reviews.

Here's the rule for today: Do not tell me how much the movie sucked, how much you hated it, what a travesty it was. Do not suck the life out of my anticipation a full day before I get to see the film. Oh, you can come in here and drop comments about how much you loved it, how it rocked, how it made you fee like a kid again or want to make love to Yoda or how this makes up for the past two films. Because that all fuels my enthusiasm, and that's a much better thing to do for someone than to gleefully tell them that they are getting coal for Christmas. Follow?

Once I actually see the movie (7:15 tomorrow night), then we can discuss your opinion vs. mine.

Another thing: Save your rants about the dialogue and acting. This is Star Wars. We're all pretty sure the dialogue and acting are going to suck. It's inevitable and it's something most of us have come to expect and tolerate. I'm in it for the story. Because despite everything I feel about George Lucas, despite my histrionics about how much I hate him and how he's a greedy bastard and a bit of a loon, he sure knows how to weave a gorgeous story. He may not do it with stellar dialogue, but a story like this does not need beautifully written words. The plot speaks for itself. The characters, the settings, the scenery, the emotions, they all speak for themselves and Lucas knows how to play that out on the screen (for the most part) and how to make the audience feel as if they are part of that story. I don't care if sometimes the actors look or sound wooden because I'm not watching the movie to scout out Oscar winning performances. I'm watching a story unfold. A story 28 years in the waiting.

If you saw the movie and wrote a review, leave a link in the comments. Please, for the love of Yoda, make it known if you have spoilers in your review.

I swear, I will come up with some non-SW content today. Really.


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If Lucas shows female boobies I will forgive all.

You know what it is? We see past the Lucasness and see the SW universe for what it can be. Lucas gives us a framework, and some cool technical stuff, and we fill in the rest. At least I think that's part of it.

Maybe it;s just me. :)

I swear, I will come up with some non-SW content today. Really.

Don't you dare!

I'm really starting to feel the pain of not being able to see this one in the theaters as all the hype goes into overdrive and the media / blog coverage is nothing but. What was I thinking last fall to end up almost 9 months pregnant at release date? Aaaaaaaaaah!

My husband SO owes me that I told him to "just go". Especially since I saw the other five in theaters on opening day / weekend and he can't even say the same! (His dad got a bootleg copy of Empire and they watched that at home.)

I'm going to go pout now. And I can't even have a margarita lunch to console myself...

I think the last entry of the Darthside blog makes your case. It's not just Lucas that makes Star Wars what it is. The thing hasn't totally belonged to him for years. That's why we take it so personally when he messes up his own damned story.

I'm kicking myself for not going last night.

We snuck out in the middle of the night and saw it.

I have to say that years from now, folks will watch the movies in chronological order and the whole series will play better than it does now.

Also, the dialogue and acting are supposed to suck. It's an homage to the old serials.

Check the Vodkasite, my review is up, spoiler-protected at no extra charge.

Green blew off the midnight show, BTW. And he calls himself a geek...

I have a pre-viewing run down of the excitement of going to see a midnight viewing a review (with spoiler warnings) will follow.

Caught the morning show's coverage of the first showing of Episode III.

They asked one guy what he thought. He said, "Lucas didn't screw it up."

I'm officially stoked.

Granted, there are a few goofy moments (as in every other ep), but on the whole, truly most excellent.

I got chills at the end. That's never happened for me with Star Wars.

It makes being a zombie at work today all worthwhile.

How 'bout them Yankees?

Any memorable quotes?

My daughter went to the 12:01 showing and came home saying it was sooooooooooo good! She said that the audience in her particular theater (it was shown on six screens in our theater complex) applauded and everyone came out happy.

According to michele's rating system, I'm a Level 2 Star Wars geek. I own all three original movies on VHS, Episodes I & II on VHS & DVD, plus the re-release of the originals on DVD - and personally I can't believe michele got RID of her Boba Fett standee...what were you thinking, michele??!? Even so, I hadn't been looking all that much to seeing this one. I just wasn't feeling it, for some reason.

But a friend went ahead and bought tickets for us and our daughters - and after reading all the stuff here, I started getting psyched about it all again.

In the end, though, I gave up my ticket so that my daughter's boyfriend could go with her. Now that's a sacrifice only a mother would make.

I'm a lvl 2 Star Wars geek. Yes, this is me completely pimping my site, but I wrote up my first reactions, as well as liveblogging a marathon of all the movies, and liveblogging my chili, here:

It's completely spoiler free, and I still agree with everything I wrote last night.

Short and Sweet - The best Star Wars since "Empire".

High Points:
The Fight Scenes. They Rock.
Obi Wan is perfect.
So is Palpatine.
No Jar-Jar.

Low Points:
Dialog, acting, yada yada yada. Get over it.
A few too many scenes / plot points that strain belief.
It's over.

Ignore the reviews that harp on politics; they tell you more about the reviewer than the film.

I got goose-bumps just watching the opening crawl. I can't believe how much I wanted this film to pull me back in. It did.


Lucas, all is forgiven. Even Jar-Jar.

It took me back to when I was five and saw the first movie for the first time. Totally had me from the opening fanfare. I put my review up (spoilers included, but not too many) at my blog. My wife was a little troubled by what she called "hokey" bits, but to be honest, I didn't even see what she was talking about.

Blinded by love, I guess.

Okay, just got back from seeing it. Worth the price of admission and definitely something that should be seen on the big screen.

Here's a question for SW afficianados: This isn't a spoiler because the trailer shows Chewbacca alongside Yoda. The question is, Chewie is alongside a Jedi. No, THE Jedi, Yoda. He sees lightsabres and the power of the Force. Yet years later in the Millenium Falcon he also sees elder Obi Wan trying to teach Luke and Han Solo putting them down. Shouldn't Chewie have responded with something along the lines of (translated) "Oh yeah, I've seen that stuff before when I hung with Yoda." Instead he acts like it's some sort of nonsense.

I realize it's nitpicking, but it kinda stuck out. Still liked the movie, though.

I'll be seeing it in about 8 hours at on the Megascreen, billed as the biggest non-Imax screen EVER! Or just in the surrounding states.

Also, the theater serves beer. Really, it's all coming up Milhouse today.

JohnO, maybe Han Solo's attitude about hokey religions rubbed off on Chewie?

Dang. I should have kept my ticket and gone last night.

Just saw it. To avoid spoilers all I'll say is "You won't be disappointed Michele."

Loved it! It made me feel like a kid again. I loved what you said - I wish people would focus on what a great STORY it is. This movie totally makes up for the last two. I'm going again this weekend.

You are going with the right attitude (like I did!) and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Even though I am dragging ass right now, I am so glad I went! Have fun!

May the force be with you...

Short review, without spoilers, here.

The word I'll pull out of it here is "satisfying."

Spoiler free review here.

Just got home from seeing Ep III with my sister (we've declared a truce in the family Sith Lord battle).

This is the movie I'd been waiting to see for 22 years! IMO it's on the same level as Empire. Which means, for me, a repeat of the summer of 1980: weekly trips to the googleplex. It's going to take many viewings just to digest the visuals. And for some reason, I just can't get enough Palpatine!

I remember how excited I was in 1999 when I went into the theatre to see Ep. I, and how disappointed I was when I exited. I didn't even see Ep. II until it came out on DVD. This one more than makes up for those two. Way more.

You will not be disappointed.

Saw it last night. All I can say,wow!

I have pretty much the same complaints as most of the other people that have seen it but it was definately the best one since Empire. The ending fight sequence gave me chills as well. It was actually more graphic than I had expected(and that's a good thing).